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After You dessert and cafe, Bangkok

Stressed? Eat desserts.

There is always one thing that can make me feel happier whenever I feel moody and that is DESSERT.

After you desserts and cafe was one of the most well-known dessert cafes in Bangkok and their dessert pictures frequently appear in my instagram's explore page. I have seen a lot of pictures of their desserts like the french toast and kakigori. I thought to myself, those desserts look so delicious.. Sigh.. if only I get to try them..

I finally had the chance to try them out during my Bangkok trip!

My dad who is very strict about his diet had kept insisting us to try out this dessert shop because he had heard amazing things about their desserts from his friends. During the second day of our trip, he kept saying to me in mandarin: "girl, hurry up with the shopping, I want to quickly have my dessert at After You". This shows how popular this cafe is for its desserts. I'm not even exaggerating but After You is literally the best dessert cafe my family and I have ever been to.

To all dessert lovers, let me share with you why I think this place is so worthy to visit. Let the pictures do the talking!

Siam Paragon

This is the After You dessert and cafe logo along with their tagline "there's always room for dessert".

The branch that we firstly visited was the one located in Siam Paragon, G floor.
We had to queue and wait for our turn.

After getting your seats, you can make your orders at the cashier. Remember to tell them your table/seat number and they will hand you a number stand. They will then serve the dessert to you at your table.

Here's a picture of their menu.
Click to enlarge.

This is how the inside of the cafe looks like.

Aside from selling toasts, beverages and kakigori, they do sell a variety of items such as fresh strawberries, cakes, spreads and cookies.

What is kakigori ?
Kakigori in japanese means shaved ice dessert flavoured with syrup or condensed milk.

What I like about the dessert shop is that they do serve free cold tea. 🍵

As you may have known from my previous posts, yes, we visited this cafe on the second day of our BKK trip.




After you dessert cafe is tucked in the Sweet Avenue street along with other dessert stores.

This is the main star of the post : the famous mango sticky rice kakigori, 265 baht. 🍨

The mango sticky rice kakigori comes with a dollop of coconut cream on top of the finely shaved mango ice along with extra mango sauce and coconut cream on the side.

The mango shaved ice has a really smooth and fine texture compared to the regular japanese shaved ice desserts in KL. The ice melts instantly in your mouth and is not chunky at all. The mango flavour is not overpowering; just the right amount of mango taste. The coconut cream was milky but slightly sweet and salty.

The surprise? You'll find the sticky rice hidden underneath the ice after you have done savouring the top layer of the dessert. The sticky rice was also good, fragrant and not too sweet.

What do you think about the presentation of the kakigori?
I find it super cute because looks like a tiny mt. fuji!

I give this kakigori a rating of 11/10 💕

Honey Shibuya toast, 195 baht. 🍞🍯

The toast was also good. It comes with a dollop of whipped cream and two scoops of vanilla ice cream- one on top of the toast and another next to the whipped cream. The toast had a buttery taste to it which makes it yummy. Not forgetting to mention that the crust of the bread was crunchy but soft on the inside. We prefer eating it plain like this than to drizzle the honey syrup on it.

The desserts look really pretty and cute. 😍

Strawberry cheesecake kakigori, 265 baht.

My mother enjoyed this a lot. As the name suggests, this plain looking kakigori does come with a cheesecake in it. The strawberry cheesecake kakigori comes with real strawberries and strawberry sauce on top of a bowlful of finely shaved milk ice. Same as the mango sticky rice kakigori, it does have a really smooth and fine texture. Extra strawberry sauce served in a tiny little jug is also provided on the side of the tray.

Here's a picture of the three desserts together. 😍💞


The After You branch in central world is located on the 7th floor, which is the highest floor of that mall.

It is located next to the SF World cinema and can be easily spotted.

We came here on the 4th day of our trip.
By the time we reached there it was almost about 9pm-ish already and there is still a long queue outside of this shop.




Then I came across this little fridge that contains tiny boxes of popsicles(?) with the cute durian pictures on it. These are actually durian ice-creams or better known as the durian crumbsticks.

I'm not really sure if these are new or they have been selling it for a long time.
 I did not try it out because I don't really like durians but for those of you who love durian, you may give this a try while you're there. 😇

The cafe does provide pictured-menus for your reference.

The process of ordering does become easier with the guide of these food and beverage illustrations on the menu.

Same as the Siam Paragon branch, they do provide free teas for their patrons.


Can't eat a lot? Fred not, they do serve some of their desserts in smaller sizes/portions but it is subjected to the availability of those flavours.

Strawberry cheesecake kakigori. 🍓

Mango sticky rice kakigori. 🍨

Then on the fifth day of our stay in BKK, we came here for another round of desserts again.


We had the same desserts again.


On the 3rd time of our visit, my sis and I have mastered our skills in eating mango kakigori. Look at how clean our tray was! Hahaha. It was like an achievement for both of us because we have never tried eating shaved ice without creating any spillage on the tray.


Which dessert did I like the most? I would say the mango sticky rice kakigori. This mango shaved ice, by far, is the best-shaved ice I have ever had. I'm not even trying to exaggerate about it. Everything about this shaved ice is incredible- the texture and the flavor were excellent.


Urgh, blogging about this just makes me crave for the mango shaved ice again.

After you dessert and cafe

Siam Paragon
G, Siam Paragon Shopping Center, 
Rama 1 Rd,
Khwaeng Pathum Wan, 
Khet Pathum Wan,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330,

Central world
7th floor Central World Plaza Pathum Wan,
Bangkok 10330,

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.
See you soon!

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