Sunday, August 3, 2014

Buffet lunch at Empire Hotel Subang and Kit Kats!

Hello again! I will blog a semi-proper post today :D Spm trials are coming soon and seriously I am not ready for it. I don't even have enough time to complete all my tasks, I guess I wouldn't have enough of time for my revisions too. What a bummer. :( There's two upcoming events that I'm anticipated for. One of it is our prefects' dinner and the another one is a charity run organised by one of the schools in KL :)

It's really sad to think about the days after I officially retire as a school prefect. All the memories, whether good or bad shall always be remembered. Being a school prefect is really fun though it is a tiring job. You'll get to deal with all sorts of situations, people and also conflicts with your own team mates. Well, I'll leave this topic for later. :)

So, I went for a buffet lunch with my aunt and also my family at the Subang Empire Hotel. I would say, the buffet was not as good as what I expected. The variety of food provided was quite limited. But at least the ambiance of the dining place was nice.










And my aunt brought some interesting souvenirs back from Japan for me and my sis! :D

And so, my collection of special flavoured kit kats has expanded! All the kit kats are bought from Japan except the pudding flavoured one :D

Hokkaido red bean kit kat.

Ichigo ; strawberry flavoured kit kat.

Green tea flavoured kit kat.

The pudding flavoured kit kat which I bought previously.

And this is the pudding flavoured kit kat!

I shall stop right here. I better go to bed now. I have something important going on tomorrow morning.
See you guys again soon!