Yo it's Doris here. I am here to share a few things about myself with you guys.

  1. I'm born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  2. A full time law student.
  3. My favourite song artists are Dua Lipa, Jay Chou, MLTR, Westlife and Coldplay.
  4. I love making people laugh.
  5. A socially awkward person but hey, once you get to know me, you'll know that I'm actually a really darn nice person (seriously).
  6. I love lipsticks.
  7. I'd pick jeans over shorts.
  8. I love internet memes.

Here, I'd also like to express my gratitude towards all my readers including those who have been reading my blog since the beginning of my blogging adventures. Thanks for all the support and you guys rock!

Below you would find some brief information regarding my blogging journey.

Why simpleharusakura?

In earlier times, I used to introduce myself as 'Haru Sakura' in both Facebook and Blogger because Haru (which means Spring in japanese) relates to the season of the month that I was born in - March. God knows the reason why I chose to use such a pseudonym instead of my real name at that time. My favourite flowers are Sakuras because they're really beautiful. I simply added the word "simple" in front of my pseudonym as that was the only perfect word I could find to describe my personality. Since I've been using the link for so long and it's been years hence I don't wish to change it since people are more likely to recognize my blog by its original link. 

I started blogging since the year 2009, when I was 12. I'm aware that the way that I wrote my blog posts has constantly been changing throughout the years - I'm always learning on how to improve my methods of writing.

I blog about all sorts of things including past events, my thoughts on certain topics, food discoveries and random stuffs. Everything that I have written in this little space is purely based on my own experiences. Oh and, if you're looking for something, just type in the search box on the right sidebar. All the pictures in my blog belong to me unless stated otherwise.

Thank you for your time. Happy reading! 😜