Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Got the tittle above from one of the quote websites. Hello readers, how are you guys doing? Got my camera back by yesterday, fixed the problems. Luckily i could get the cam back so fast. Finally took some of the pics to update this little space.

Went to midvalley and the gardens yesterday, to collect my cam back.
Went to TGI Fridays to have dinner, first time.
Pics on the wall.  ;D
I ordered Green Apple Slush. It tastes sour at first then a lil sweet. :)
And for dinner, i ordered grilled salmon. I love it's potatoes, simply nice. And of course, the dish was nice. :D
Playing with mum's phone. Since there's wifi. TEEHEE.
Decided to try out frogurt for the first time. Moo cow! :P
This is my frogurt. Original with chocolate chip. Bought if for RM9.90 with one free topping. I gotta say, it tastes sour than normal ice creams cuz it's yogurt. Not bad lar.  :D
I like this duck, hahaha!
First day of holiday i also cannot tahan liaoooo. How about the following days? Hmmm, i'm not as good as those friends, some of them went travelling overseas or even go outstation. Wow, so enjoyable huh. I did nothing during the holidays. Woke up earlier than usual these days, i was wondering, how nice it would be if i could sleep till afternoon, lol! LAZYYY mood came! :P

That reminds me, after the hols, all of us are going to get our papers back from the teachers. Back to school and meet the friends. I miss the fun times chit-chatting with them, during this two weeks holidays. Heh. Weather nowadays are super hot, was craving for ice cream almost every single day. Or maybe some cold drinks could help.

First time getting a blog award from this awesome, cute blogging friend of mine, HY. HAHA. So yeah, shall continue with the things below.

Make a post contained with :

  • Saying thank you to the one who gave you this award.
  • Write about the one who gave you who award.
  • Write about yourself.
  • There's a banner award and code.
  • Give this award to your 9 blogger friends.
  • Dont forget to leave a message in their chatbox.

First thing of all, i would like to say thank you to HY for giving me this award. HY's a cute and awesome blogger. She's the owner of Peach Roses, her blog. She's one lovely blogger. She updates her blog more than mine, i guess. HAHA! :P

Write about myself. I'm Doris. Loves photographys. Rarely update her blog now due to laziness and she had not much time. The rest, all of you know. See, I'm lazy to write liaoooo. *boo*

Next, give this award to nine blogger friends, i'll give this award to only six bloggers.

  • HY. *i'm giving you back again cuz i think you deserve it.  :D *
  • Vincci.
  • LuPorTi.
  • Yyoyo.
  • Erin.
  • Darling Hwai.

 That's all for now.
BTW, enjoy your holidays!  :)

Yours truly.
Doris C.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

That Sweet Smile.

Aloha! It's been long since i did not update my blog frequently. You know, it's hard to get the blog update mood back on. No blogging spirit liaooooo, grr. Especially when my camera had been gone for a repair. Might be getting my camera back by this Sunday. Ohhh, i can't wait!  :D

Got it via tumblr.

Finally, mid term exams ended on Wednesday. The last paper was Seni, paper two. Drawing, i'm not good with it, but still okay. This time's exam was harder than before. Of course, exams are hard, there's no easy exams. Today was an awesome day, a random one. Gonna miss all of the friends during the hols. And i'm gonna miss my soya bean milk drink, hahahahh. Last day of school before the school holidays.

Oh yeah, might be getting myself a new blog header soon. Cause recently, i just found out someone's copying my entire blog. My photos, my blog header and etc. Everything's copied by this someone. I don't wanna mention the name of this person. But hey, what do you feel when someone's trying to copy your blog? Pissed right? Yeah, that's my currently feeling. But anyway, i have my own style, i don't care much now.

Everything's turning upside down in my mind now. My mood changes fast, very fast. I've wasted my brain juice to think what to blog right now. I don't care much now, as long as i'm happy with the friends, i won't think about depressing stuffs. I'm stucked. Previously, i've lots of things to blog about, and for now, i'm so out of words, out of ideas and etc. Oh, please my blogging mood, come back to me at once.

Two weeks of holidays, fourteen days. How am i suppose to survive then. It'll be boring. I rather go to school than staying at home like this. I do hope that i'll have the time to hang out with the friends. The only thing that i could do is, texting friends, watching tv and online only.

Will be right back, with updates i suppose.

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Secrets Hidden Inside One's Heart.


I seriously miss my very active blogging mood, but i ain't in this kindda mood now. I'm blogging a short post now just to let you guys know that i'm fine and thank you, been dealing with exams for these two weeks, six days all together. And for now, three more days to go! So don't blame me for not updating this little half dead space, cuz i'm being a good girl here, lol.  :P

About the exams huh, just normal. Not as easy as what we thought. My expectations were too high. Well, at least i tried my best for the exam. Yeah, i can't wait for the holidays.  :)

Oh and i forgot, i can't post any awesome pictures temporarily. My camera had been sent for a repair last Sunday. I guess it needs about three weeks or a month to repair. Seriously, i don't know how will i survive without a camera for a month. Oh wait, i'm still alive, at least there's laptop for me to blog or to tweet now. I miss you, my camera.  :D

Fingers crossed.

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spent a day at Subang Grand Dorsett

Random tittle given for this post. Hello everyone! How are you guys doing recently? I'm just fine. The biggest thing that i'm facing now would be exams. Exams and homeworks. Chinese essay exam was fine today. I might stop blogging anytime for a little moment. Not so proper posts might be coming out. To watermark photos really take me a long time to complete it. Gah, i'm so tired while writing this post. Felt like sleeping. But never mind, anyways, do continue with the post now.  :D  *i'm using the same words everytime and also the same sentences, lame i know, boooo*

Last Saturday, went to Subang's Grand Dorsett Hotel with cousin and family. Cousin stayed there for three days two nights i guess.


Lobby #2.



Later dim sum at the chinese restaurant in this hotel.




Pandan leaves, they smell good. :D

The pool's water, which is a failed water drop shot.

Sneakers again, haha.  :P

Yours truly.  :D

Went to the curve to dinner for a short while. Little stalls selling awesome stuffs there, me want! :P

Dinner at Ah Tuan Ee's.



And for the next day, which means Sunday, had awesome shopping session with da family. Spent almost half of the day in Midvalley and The Gardens.  :D

First stop, Paddington house of pancakes!

Not as pretty as 1U's pancakes. Normal only.

Drew using strawberry jam.

Dad drew this.  :D

Walked around in The Gardens.


Later, it's dinner time. Went to this restaurant to have dinner.



Sweet potato balls.

Mum ordered steamboat.

And this is my dinner. :D

Sister's noodles, she added the two cute fish cakes into her bowl of noodles. :)

After dinner, bought Chatime bubble milk tea. Chatime is now available at The Gardens. :D


Bought large for RM6.90.

Awesome drink.  :D :D

Yours truly #2.

Serious is my type of attitude. So please stop judging if you don't know anything. You can't just judge a book by it's cover. Oh, come on. I just can't understand you guys. Okay now, i give up for expressing my feelings. I failed to do so. I don't wanna care about things anymore, i give up.

Worth spending time with the loved ones.

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Dream Is Always A Dream To Me.


Drew using strawberry jam.

It's Sundayyyy, first of May! Short update here. Had great times with the family these two days. Just uploaded the photos. Not much time left to watermark all. Shall update a proper post soon. I'm always like that one.

Another exam's coming soon, on the next Saturday. Chinese essay, fingers crossed. Next, on May something, here comes the second term exam. Will leave the blog here for a moment, not going to blog until i get all my things done. Yay, finally i've got the mood to do so. Hope everything's gonna be okay. That's all i wanna say, nothing much to express.   :)

And guess what, i've realized that even kids use iphone, omg. Is it a trend or what? LOL, i don't know.  :x

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.