Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Rock.



me edited

I love these shots.  :D

Oh yeah, it's Friday, Friday. Well, it's Friday night now. School's having co-curiculum day tomorrow. Just can't wait for it. :D  I bet there's lots of people are bringing their camera along tomorrow. Just thinking whether what kindda clothes should i wear tomorrow. Hmmm, prefect uniform or sports outfit? I guess sports outfit will do, hmmm.  :)

I've been lazing around lately. Gahhh, i hate my lazy spirit. Exams are around the corner, i can't keep that lazy spirit anymore. Gosh, i've been repeating the word 'exam' for so many times. I guess i'm just nervous about it, and i mean, TOO NERVOUS. Can i just get that word outta my brain, oh please. Pressured. &, please make things right. :\

Next mission, to update the menara kl trip. LOL, sounds so serious. I've been MIA for these while. Let's hope that i'll be back in a while.  :(

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day Out With Family On Saturday : KLCC.

HELLO! I'm blogging now, like finally. Line's super slow here, so i gotta blog fast. Went to KLCC again with the family yesterday. We've been to KLCC for almost 3 times in this whole month. Couldn't believe it right? Seriously. LOL, i know. Well, we went there yesterday for it's skybridge again. Who knows? The tickets to the skybridge were sold out, once again. I guess we'll just to have to wait for the next time.

Picnik collage

Since skybridge tickets were sold out, we walked around in the mall for 3 hours. Interesting much.  :)

This is KLCC.

Din din at Sushi King. Oh yeah, their service is too slow. Cause too many people inside the restaurant.

Went outside to take pictures, there's nothing interesting to take. Except this klcc building. Randomly taken.


Later, walked around in the mall. Went into lots of shop. Went into apple store, electrical shops and other computer stores. One of the shops are selling iPad 2. It caught my attention.  :P

White iPad 2.

Camwhore with the black iPad2.


 Carpark costs RM9. Went to oldtown Selayang for supper at night. :D


Oh yeah, that's all for now.  :D


Coming up next : Menara KL trip with dad and sister.

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves.

Annyeong haseyo! The 101th post, after some changes inside the blog. Time seriously flies. Exam's coming in two weeks time. Nervous. *leg shaking*  School's life is definitely busy, as always. Oh well, at least i love that. You know, moments.  :D

Sunday, 10-7-2011.

Went to 1U with da family. Walked around in there for about two hours. Next, dinner time! Went wong kok char chan teng and guess what. I ordered a plate of fried rice and there's a tiny stone, hidden inside the rice. And i took a bite of it, a small part of my tooth gone, #fml. I'm not coming back to this restaurant again. TERRIBLE max! :(  Then later, went MCD to have Grilled Chicken Burger instead. It's nice btw. :P


Sneakers, red long tee and as usual, jeans.

Went to take a look at the Toyota cars, they're awesome! Especially this one, we like this car, Prius.  :D

GCB set meal.  YUMS!  :D

Randomly taken. It looks weird, isn't it?  :P

Monday, 11-7-2011.

Weekdays are here. As usual, went to school and came home by 7 something. Craving for cereals in a sudden. Mum bought me a cookie crisp breakfast cereal. Yummeh. :D  And, mum bought some sushi.

Cereal!  :)

And sushi, too.  :P

Tuesday, 12-7-2011.

Bought two angry birds soft toy from Ying. It's super super awesomely cuteee! One costs RM7. Cheaper than i thought. I know right.  :D


Took a photo with it, teehee! :D

Red and black.  :)

Fisheye effect. 

Wednesday, 13-7-2011.

Took some photos on this day, since i wanna upload photos into the laptop. It's just another ordinary day. School's open day's on tomorrow!  :)

One by Jeen Huey and one by Leanne. :)

Looove the design of this cup. I never throw this cup away. Still keeping it! Bought green tea latte for once on last year's Christmas. Oopsie, for now, i'm craving for another cup of this again! :P

Thursday, 14-7-2011.

SCHOOL'S OPEN DAY. I've got my report card. Results not bad, not good, just normal. Mum bought me a bar of milk chocolate. Gotta study harder to achieve higher marks! Oh, I won't give up.  :D

Mini chocolate bar. Took this since i'm lazy to get the larger one.

Friday, 15-7-2011.

And, as for today. It's considered as a rainy day today. Rained heavily in the evening. Shoes all soaked with rain water, super wet. Luckily i did bring my umbrella along, or else i'm gonna get all wet. Well, it's a bit troublesome.

Smiling bun.  :DD

Found this inside my drawer. November's Chopin CD album by Jay Chou. BIG LOVES! :D

Saturday, 16-7-2011.

Woke up earlier than any other Saturdays. Went to oldtown and have breakfast. And had 'da bao' chicken rice for lunch. Later, headed to Jusco. By 5 something in the evening, went to cousin's house. Teehehehehe, love the wifi at cousie's house!  :)


Iced white coffee.  :D

Took this while waiting inside the restaurant. Too bad, their wifi system is down on that day.

Stress, pimples and troubles. They're all coming back to me. OH NO, i don't need YOU. Stay out of my life. Well, well well, all of you made my life miserable. LOL. Shoooooo! D:   OMG, exams are coming, stressed.

Oh, i'm super tired right now. Gotta head to bed! Nights!  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Where is the fun?



Life is just like,

Sleeping, eating, learning, homeworks, texting, online, chatting, laugh, watching tv, taking photos, watch tv, laughing, chatting, online, texting, homeworks, learning, eating and sleeping.

LOL, you can list everything out. Repeatingly. Wrote it for fun anyway.

Everytime i'm saying this again. AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN. Well, almost. Go ahead and scream at me. I gotta think twice before updating ze blog, due to the amount of pictures, that is 0, and the dead inspirations. That's why, uh-huh, i guess you know what i'm talking about right? HEH. :P And lazy would be one of my greatest excuse ever. Alright, this is crappy, i mean, it's totally CRAP.

It's great to let things go AGAIN. Things are just getting back to normal, oh yeah. Feel-not-so-pressured now, teehee. FINALLY, dudes. OMGGG, i've got no time for stupid stuffs again. I wanna spend time on better activitiesssss now. Lotsa stuffs and activities are in my pending list nowwww. LOL. Epic fail. -.- Once again,  fingers crossed.


Yours Truly.
Doris C.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover.

Picnik collage

It's Monday. Bonjour! Thank goodness we don't need to go to school on today. :D  Planned to blog something today. I hate the line a lot, i wonder why it is so slow and sometimes it'll just go off like that, grrr.

Domo domo domo. :P

Mr Smileyyyyy.

With fisheye effect.

PS : Sorry for the low quality pictures, took using my phone.  :)

Went to 1Utama yesterday with family. Had dinner at Menjalara's Oldtown White Coffee cafe before heading to 1U. I've been busying playing wifi there till i didn't take pictures. Didn't bring camera along cause the camera's quite heavy and i'm lazy to carry it. I promise, for the next time, i'll bring my camera along.  :P

Went into a japanese shop named Daiso, if i'm not wrong. These are cute pictures that you can use to iron it on any of your shirt. Btw. They're selling lotsa cute and pretty stuffs there.  :)


Later, we walked around in the mall. There's lots of changes in there. Especially the old block. They're renovating a part of it. Then, went to Paddington House of Pancakes for pancakes, again.  :D


We ordered the same thing as usual, a pitcher of ice lemon tea.

They arranged the utensils in this way, lol. 

My ice cream pancake! :D

With maple syrup beside.  :)

People change, things go wrong, just remember life goes on. Which is true. That reminds me, friends changed and things went upside down. Yea, from love to hate, and from right to wrong. That's how things went. From best friends to haters then to strangers. Starting from the word, 'i love you' to the word 'i hate you'. I rather just let things be in their own way, i won't care about stupid stuffs anymore. Whatever you wanna say, just go ahead, i won't stop you. And, i won't deal with it.  :)


Yours Truly.
Doris C.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

With Love.

First post of the month. It's July second today. JULY's here! I've abandoned my blog for a long time ago. I've been sticking to Twitter lately. So, this empty space is only for me to post something out when there's some proper posts to be blogged about. FAILED TO UPDATE ALREADY LAR. Btw, for your information, watermarking pictures takes a lot of time too. As the day passes by, time is not enough to use. I think i'll just gonna stick to Twitter now.


And that reminds me, the internet's line is damn terrible these days. I have to wait till midnight then i can only online and do whatever i want. OMG?! What to do? Slowly wait lar. Wait till got line then damn happy. But once there's line, it'll be very weak. Or sometimes it'll just go off like that. BOOO! Damn frustrated.

Little octopus, i made it all by myself.  :D  *proud, lol* 

IMG_0118 edited
Little pineapple.

Didn't go anywhere these days. Mostly spent time at home. That's why i can't really blog proper posts like outing and stuffs. Maybe photography posts will do? Hmm, still thinking. I've been leaving the camera aside for a long time. Looking for some new ideas now.




Went to school this morning for sports day. It's super tiring, even though i didn't take part in any of those activities. Mostly spent time with the prefects. Lots of my friends were sick, maybe it's because of the terrible weather. That's why, gotta drink more water! To prevent heatiness. Take care people.

About life? Everything was kindda like upside down. Everything seems lost. But anyway, let's all forget about it. Awesome joking moments with the loved ones, laughed like mad and then, tears start rolling. Awesome right? I do hope that life could be like this every single day, without sadness and fulled with happiness. It's not sad tears, but happy tears. Aww, see. You guys are making me cry, once again.  :')

Be strong, everyone.

With love, Yours Truly.
Doris C.