Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pancakes at Paddington

Hello everyone. Everything was kindda fine recently. Was obssesed with Tumblr's awesome photos and decided to get myself a Tumblr account. There you go, my tumblr link. Oh awesome. :D 

Went 1Utama last Sunday and had pancakes with dad and sista at Paddington House Of Pancakes. Their pancakes are awesome and yummy. The best pancakes that i've ever had. :D



I ordered this.  :D


Yummy  :D  Closer shot.




Things were okay. The friends are lovely. But the worst part is, things that i hate are appearing infront of me. Negative thinkings bothering my mind and etc. I hate this part the most. I wonder why. Is it because my imagination's too great? Over thinking i guess. :x

What's the meaning of a true friend? A true friend is a friend that never leaves you no matter what happens. While fake friends are like shadows, they'll be with you in the brightest moments and they'll leave you in the darkest moments. So now, mmhmm, i got to know who are my true friends.  :)

Oh yah, i've got myself a new pair of headphones, heeee :D

Rarely take photos these days. Didn't really touch the camera as there's no interesting things to be taken. Oh wait, i guess next week's gonna be full of photos. Might be heading to somewhere else. My photography spirit, please come back, hahahaha. :D

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Don't Remember Days ; We Remember Moments.

Hello, it's Sunday morningggg, i mean afternoonnn! Wtheck, was speechless recently, felt like blogging but don't know what else to write here, hmmm. And another thing, yesh, exam's coming on the next Saturday, so gonna start to read books already. Won't update blog much often as i've no time for this.  :)

Last Saturday, went to have lunch with aunt. Cousin bro's there, yay. :D  And later, we went to Saujana hotel, Subang there. First, we went up to the hotel room. Later, we went to the swimming pool while waiting for aunt to checkout.  :)

Pool's view, love that place.  :D

I love these flowers, they're so so pretty. :D

Cousin was asking me 'wah, like this you also wanna take ah?' LOL. The hotel's like an apartment lar btw. :)
Trees near the pool.



An aeroplane flew by, took this cuz i'm too free already.



Okay, was doing homeworks for the whole night yesterday, first time doing homeworks infront of the laptop, discussing with my friend, CM. That was kindda fun. I mean, very fun. Maths, komsas and composition. I'mma try this again for the next time. Heee! :D



Btw, i'm super fine now. No more moodiness. Learned to let things go. Reading some inspirational quotes and notes will definitely make my day better. Starting to love quotes, they're amazing somehow. I wonder why sometimes, i just can't express my feelings like other bloggers did. I wanted to write something like that, but i just can't, maybe because i'm too dumb? Perhaps, Twitter would be the greatest place that i'll express my feelings there, you see. And for now, i'm glad that i'm happier than before, tougher and stronger than before. Friends are the biggest support.  :D

As the day passes, life is getting more and more serious and not-so-fun, sometimes yes, still fun. I'm a teen already, no more a kid. Now it's time to be serious, no more playfulness. Take things serious. And guess what? Nowadays more and more peoples are in relationships. Yes or no? That's what i saw. Weird.  :x

Telling myself, stop thinking too much.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Full Of Laughters.

IMG_9126 - Copy


Live life to the fullest.

PS : Will be right back as soon as possible. Not enough time. Kthxbai.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

You Gave Me The Best Memory.


Hello everyone. Finally, i've got the time to blog here. It's Saturday today, everyone should be having fun today right. Oh i'm stucked at home. Planned to go to somewhere today but last minute the plan is cancelled. Yea, dissapointed much. Oh, never mind, blog to cheer myself up. I have to admit, i've nothing interesting to blog cuz we didn't go anywhere recently. So yeah, i'll be blogging random posts these days. And recently i've received good comments from my readers, thank you all so much. I'll try to fill this empty little space up often.  :)

Last Sunday, went to Pav with the family, just for a short while. Had snowflake

My fav

Mum gave me some of her pearls. Yum yum yum. :D


Recently, i started to love sesame. Had sesame rice balls and sesame bun at Din Tai Fung last last last Sunday.  :D  *okay it sounded so long, lol* 



 Received all the test papers back from the teachers. Those marks are kindda satisfying since i'm not a genius. Oh, and that reminds me, we're having another exam again soon, in this month. I bet this time's exam would be harder than before.  *fingers crossed*

Nowadays, been spending time with the two buddies. Had fun talking and joking with each other. I love being with them. Laughed like mad, spended time chatting with each other and had great times with each other. Heeeeee. I love you both, the greatest buddies that i ever had.  :D

Musics every single night.


Too many things happened in this month of April. I'm taking things seriously again, it's hard to put a smile on the face. No choice, i have to take things seriously, or else things are going mad again and again. It's hard to smile all these while. Tried to express my feelings out but failed. I can't do it. & peoples out there, as humans, we have feelings okay? So don't go around and hurt anyone else and pretend that nothing had happened. And stop being selfish, please. :)


Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh, It's Just Kindda Awesome.


HELLO EVERYONE! I am back. And just simply writing a new post now. I've just randomly gave my post a tittle. I cant feel some kindda awesomeness beside me. Oh haha. So random right? Oh yeah, it's April fool's day today. Luckily i didn't get fooled by the friends.  :)

Went to FRIM last Sunday. This time, we're spending more time there. Played with the cool river water there. And next, we walked through the er, hills? Walk till my toes are hurted. It's kindda fun but my leg hurts!  :(  Took some random shots.




Failed water shot.

We found this while walking, kindda nice but weird right? Cuz it's blue.  :O

Saw some of the blogs and some of them wrote are just like the way i felt. It really is. Their posts are like, so true? OMG. too true. I can't control my mood, I wanna scream it out.  *little screams*


Alright. Crying can't solve any of the problems. And i had just realized that, sometimes the answer turns out different than the answer that we're hoping for. For example, asking someone a question and you've got the answer that is much more different than what you thought. Unexpected answers. I couldn't accept the facts. Come to think about it, i should stop myself from being stupid or emotional again. Not worth to be moody. I should make wiser or smarter choices. To keep myself happier rather than being moody or emotional. Okay, I rather be happy so, SMILE.  :)

Nothing interesting to blog, so i guess a random post will do.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Stop being silly. :)