Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Phone Cover!


Hello people! I'm still having my holidays now and I made a new phone cover for my phone today. Sounds fun eh. I've been searching for some really cool covers for my xperia x8 but I couldn't search them anywhere so I came out with an idea, I'll make my own phone cover! Hehe, so I've made myself an Union Jack cover for my phone. It's really easy and fun to make. I felt really happy with my creation. :D

Taken via instagram.

Wanna know how I made my own cover? These are the steps I've taken in order to make one. :D

Pencil, eraser and a ruler.

I used an old phone cover and two sharpie markers too.

First, sketch your drawing on the empty phone cover.

Then, I used a bit of cellophane tape to cover the sides to prevent them from being coloured.

Start colouring your handphone cover!

Let it dry for a few minutes.

There, I've made myself a new handphone cover! :D

Although it isn't as new as the ones that you bought from the outside but hey, making your own phone cover wasn't that bad too! So, I'll stop right here and see you again in a next few weeks time!

Additional tips! : You can use a clear nail polish or varnish to apply on the surface of your diy phone case to prevent the ink of the marker pens from smudging. But this will cause the colour of the marker pens on your diy phone case to change. No biggie! I've come across to some kind of spray (comes in aerosol cans) that can be sprayed on surfaces like plastic to protect the top layer of the item, which you can get it from the hardware store. You might consider to use that one instead but it'll definitely cost a lot (this method isn't recommended by me). You can also use some decorative crystal stickers (of your choice) to beautify your diy phone case. :D


Yours Truly.
Doris C.


  1. Hey darl, nicely done! :D Enjoy your holidays too, luv.

  2. @Chai Hwai : hey darling! Thank you! :D Hehehe, loves!

  3. Wow. You do it yourself, and it looks nice.

  4. Good. This way you can make any abstract art on the phone cover and create them cheaper at home. Loved the idea. Will try this too. :)



  5. heyyy, just thought of visiting your blog XDXD .....