Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mousse Cheesecake?! Worth the hype? - The Tokyo Restaurant Isetan, Lot 10

About a month ago, my sister and I made another dessert discovery through Facebook. Yes, through a Facebook post again.

This time, the discovery is about a cheesecake that was boldly claimed by a few food bloggers as 'the best cheesecake in Kuala Lumpur' that they have ever tasted so far. Woah. That is quite a strong statement I would say. That got me wondering- WHAT'S SO AMAZING ABOUT THIS CHEESECAKE? 😕

How fancy can a cheesecake get?

I mean, most cheesecakes are either baked like the new york cheesecake or bake-less. I have never imagined cheesecakes existing in any other forms until I made my recent visit to The Tokyo Restaurant in Isetan, Lot 10. Let me share my dining experience with you guys through the pictures below.

The restaurant serves both japanese cuisines and desserts. It even has a bar in the restaurant itself.

Located on the 4th floor of Isetan, this restaurant is recognizable by its simple brown wooden tables and chairs and red fabric decorations hanging from its ceiling. 

I actually went to this restaurant with Char (not with my sister..) on a monday afternoon.

Upon entering the restaurant, the staff asked if we were there to have desserts only and our replies were yes. Then we were seated at a high table right next to the bar. The above are the food (white) and drinks (brown) menus. 📜

We ordered just a slice of cheesecake to share. Didn't order other stuff since we were only interested in trying out the cheesecake. It's called the 6th avenue cheese cake, priced at RM19 per slice.

After waiting for around 10 minutes, our cheesecake is served! 😍

6th Avenue cheese cake, RM19. 🧀🍰

The cheesecake comes with a dollop of soft whipped cream. On our first impression, we both thought the cheesecake looked pretty ordinary. The sides of the cheesecake appeared as if they were torched or something because it was brown in colour. The cheesecake is served cold.

The noteworthy thing about this cheesecake is that its texture is very soft and mousse-y! Now I know why everyone likes this cheesecake so much. The cake literally melts once you put it into your mouth. It has a creamy cheese taste but not overwhelming. 👌

 The whipped cream has a rich milky taste to it which I really liked. Eating the cream on its own is delightful but I find it even more delicious if eaten together with a bit of the cheesecake. The cream brings out the milky flavors in the cheesecake yet maintaining the cheesy flavors of the cake. So yummy! 😋

Besides the cheesecake, we have also ordered a pot of jasmine tea for RM10 which I think is worth the price since it is refillable. 🍵

What is more perfect than pairing a slice of cake with a cup of tea?

What are my thoughts on this 6th Avenue cheesecake?

It was worth the hype since the cake is delicious and it has a mousse-like texture which makes it exceptional compared to most cheesecakes. However, if you're there with your family or friends, I would recommend ordering just a slice to share between 2 persons as too much cheesecake may overwhelm your stomach.

Would return to this restaurant again for desserts!

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