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Bangkok, Thailand trip - Day 5 (Maneeya, Central Embassy, Centralworld, Erawan)

The fifth day in Bangkok was pretty chill also. On this day, we spent most of our time walking around the areas of Ratchaprasong (where Centralworld, Erawan and Big C lies). We did not plan to go anywhere further because our legs were really sore after so many days of walking and my mum didn't really like taking the bts since it would be crowded as heck. As written in the title, this post would cover our adventures in places like the Maneeya building, Centralworld, Central Embassy and the Erawan Shrine. 🌞

We woke up pretty late that day since everyone was tired. We took almost an hour and a half to get ourselves ready, had cup noodles and bread for breakfast then we headed to the Erawan Shrine to do prayers again.


The traffic in Bangkok is pretty manic. 🚗🚕🚚


Traditional Thai dance offerings are available in this temple. Patrons who wish to make such offerings to god are required to pay an amount of approximately 710 baht (for 8 dancers) and then proceed to kneel down at the designated area, right infront of the buddha.

The beautiful golden four-faced buddha statue.

The crowds are massive during the day.

Holy water. Some tourists must have left some money in it (spot the RM1 in it). The water's clearly not for consumption but you can scoop some of it using the cups provided and rinse your hand with it for some good luck.

Later that morning, while we were walking towards Amarin plaza, we spotted this little shrine located just next to the mall. This is the Indra Shrine- the god of thunder. So dad went to do the prayers whilst my mum, sis and I stood beside the shrine and waited for him.

Next to the shrine is a little stand selling elephant figurines, flowers, joss sticks and some other praying materials. Oh and one interesting to note about is that the joss sticks used to pray to the god of thunder were green in colour!

The view from the pedestrian bridge. That's the Gaysorn building. 🏢

Pretty purple flower decorations hanging from the ceiling of the bridge leading towards the Gaysorn village.

The Gaysorn village that sells all types of luxurious goods.

After that, we did actually walk over the the Maneeya center to buy some beauty products at the Clover pharmacy and store. I've forgotten to take some pictures of it but you can watch it via my travel vlog which is at the bottom of this post.

We then walked over to Centralworld to get our lunch there.

Spotted this cute little popsicle stand at the entrance of the Zen departmental store. The store's name is Annette. If you look closely, this stand actually resembles a Thai tuk tuk car but with a sophisticated twist to it. The body is painted with white and pastel blue paint, making it attractive especially towards the ladies. 🍧🍦

An array of popsicles for you to choose from.

Sis got a blue paw-shaped popsicle with gummies in it. The popsicle has a mild fruity flavour but it sort of tasted like medicine too. Can't remember the price though.

Here's a picture of the ice cream stand.

The brightly-lit walkway in Centralworld lined up with a row of restaurants and cafes.

Inside the mall.

We stopped by a restaurant named Kub Kao Kub Pla to get our lunch. 🍴

This restaurant has an aesthetically pleasing interior as the entire place has a modern black and white coloured theme. The tables in it are mostly marble.


Palm jelly juice. 🍹

Apparently, palm juice is one of the most special beverages that you can ever find in Thailand because there aren't any other places that serve such a drink.

Mineral water.




Here's our first dish, tam yam goong. The soup was just alright but tasted a tad bit more sour than what we expected.

Stir-fried assorted vegetables. I loved this dish because it's simple yet tasty.

Plain white fragrant rice. 🍚

Fried fish with tangy fish sauce. 🐟

Overall, I would rate my dining experience at this restaurant an 8/10. The fam and I liked that restaurant a lot. The food was good and the service is okay too.

Look at this cool vending machine that sells plants! 🌱

Later that afternoon, dad wanted to take a look at another shopping mall called Central Embassy so we googled our way out using google maps and finally got to our destination by foot.

Central Embassy, just like the other premium malls sells branded items as well as some exquisite things like art and wines. As you can see from this picture below, the mall has a white funky yet sophisticated interior, or at least to me.



Snagged three bottles of Mario Badescu rose water from Sephora because our local stores do not have them which is such a bummer.

The name of this wine shop caught a lot of my attention. 🍷

We're now at the highest floor of the mall. This place is called 'Open House'. According to Central Embassy's website, this area is designed by a Tokyo based architecture and it is of multi-purpose. People can come here with their family or friends to chill at the cafe or just hang around sitting at the sofa areas reading books. 📙📘📗🍰

Here's how one of the cafes looked like.

An open sitting area.

We then went to get some milk tea from Koi.

I was excited to try out this coconut ice cream milk tea because we don't have such a thing in our country.

Here's my coconut ice cream milk tea! 😁

Sad to say but I think it was not really worth the 80 baht for this cup of tea. It tasted just like an ordinary milk tea would taste like and I find nothing special about it. There was no coconut taste at all. I personally prefer their jasmine green tea macchiato instead. 😞

In the evening, we walked back to Central world again to get our dinner.

This is where we had our dinner.

Funny story: since my family and I weren't Thais and we don't know Thai language at all, there were some language barriers while we were ordering our food. The menu was written in Thai and there weren't much pictures to refer to.. Thankfully, one of the waiters there spoke in English and then we were able to order our dishes. 😥

A box of grilled banana fritters that we got from Central Embassy. I didn't take a picture of the fritters but I can describe to you how it tastes like. It's just pure banana slices which are a bit dry since it was grilled and has a caramel-ly taste to it.

Butterfly blue pea flower tea with lemon syrup and my can of coke.

I ordered a plate of chicken fried rice. I really liked the dish though! The rice was really fragrant and well-seasoned. 😜

I guess this was some pandan chicken dish. It tasted alright.

Clear spicy tom yum soup with fish slices.

Red tom yam soup with okra.
Both soups were really spicy but not flavourful enough for our liking.

Fried glass noodles with vegetables and shrimp. This dish was delicious too.

I would rate my dining experience at this place a 7.5/10. We loved their dishes and their service was okay but it would be even better if their menus were clearer as in having more pictures and putting english right below the thai words. 📜

Boots pharmacy which we don't have that in Malaysia as well. But at least we go have Guardian and Watsons. 😅

At night, we had our desserts at After You dessert and cafe again! This is our third time having desserts at this place. Click here to view my review about After You.


Mango sticky rice shaved ice that both me and my sis loved a lot. 🍨

We have finally mastered the way to savour our delicious shaved ice without spilling it onto our tray WOOHOO! Normally we would get some of that ice spilled on the tray when we were eating the ice but this time we didn't so it was sort of an achievement for the both of us hehe.

At 9am or 9pm at night, the Trimurti (love god) shrine will be filled with people making their prayers. People (esp single ladies and boys) pray at this shrine in hoping to get some love blessings from the god.

Roses and joss sticks are offered during the prayers.

I did secretly pray to the god hahaha but I didn't offer any roses or joss sticks because my dad wouldn't allow me to. 😡 He says I'm still too young for a relationship lolol.

A picture of the crowd (it was massive) doing their prayers at the shrine.

Here's the Ganesh shrine.

The moon was right above the building of Centara Grand hotel.

Here's a picture of how the Bangkok street looks like at night from the pedestrian walkway.

The vlog for day 5 :

That's all for day 5 folks!
See you again soon. :)

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