Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rants about college life


Hey guys. I’m back after three weeks of college! It has been a long weekend as we're having 4 holidays in a row! I love holidays; I'll get to sleep for an extra few hours a day. I have just finished doing my English literature mind maps. Fyi, I’m currently taking art subjects instead of science subjects so everything is so new to me. I’m still taking maths and now I finally realized how important add maths is! Everything about maths that you’re going to learn in college is associated with the add maths basics that we’ve studied before in the upper secondary school.

Basically, college life is a little dull as you have to meet the deadlines for your assignments and even have to spend time doing presentation slides. Urgh. If you’re following me on twitter, probably you must have seen a lot of my tweets were talking about how boring or busy my college life is. To be honest, I’m still not used to this new environment and I somehow miss my high school days. I have to wake up at 6.30 every morning just to brace the jam and the feeling is really bad because I’ll feel really tired after arriving at college. Plus, I have to stay in college till 6 something in the evening every single day just to wait for my mum to pick me up after her work as I don’t have a car yet. I can’t wait to drive full time soon! 

I'm actually pretty lazy to type this entire blog post but at the same time I feel like updating my blog. Seriously Doris? 

Okay now, it's time for me to throw back some pictures that I've taken days ago! :)

Yup, I've been to Publika to visit the 1600 pandas' exhibition. Well, we (mum, sis and I) didn't actually purposely went all the way there just to see the pandas, we went there just to have lunch at Ichiban Boshi. :p





The panda nation!

From the east to the west!


Went to the gardens/midvalley yesterday with the family. We love shopping in midvalley for no reason tbh but we shop at that place quite often like almost every weekend though.

Beautiful pink flowers!

I personally love their cny deco for this year! The pink false cherry blossoms look really sweet.



Here are some food pictures that were taken using my phone:




I'm really glad that there's pan mee in hartamas cuz most of the food in hartamas is so expensive! :(

Tried out the Moo custard swiss roll cake from the RT pastry shop in Aeon, DPC. I would say that the cake tasted quite average and the level of sweetness is just nice. :)

Scoops of green tea ice cream from Kura, One world hotel.

Had sushi for lunch on a friday afternoon.

Alright, that's all I would like to share with you guys for now. I'm too lazy to continue writing more.
See you soon!