Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trip To China : Shanghai Day 1!

Hello everyone! Is anyone here? *knock knock* Well, I'm finally back to blogging after these two weeks of busyness. Exam days were my days of doom. What a drag. I was so stressed up with this time's mid-term exams. There was so many things to be remembered and to memorize. I did not get enough of sleep during the exam days, I believe you guys did not, too. Nightmares were haunting me almost every night. I'm feeling so relieved now as my tough days are over, I'll now enjoy my mid-term break and do things that I like, hell yeah! Simply marvelous. Muahahaha! I can now sleep for as long as I want, hip hip hurray! I can now spend more of my time day dreaming. I can now spend my time lazing around in bed. Thinking of these just makes me happy. Gonna go insane soon. :x

Btw, I just created a new youtube channel just to upload all the videos that I took during the trip. I was having problems with my Flickr account till I got so fed up with it.

So, I'm going to blog about the Shanghai adventure or you could call it a trip (I like to call it as an adventure as it sounds more exciting and what we did most was going around different places and exploring them all by ourselves). Shanghai is one of the most beautiful cities that I've ever been to. Seriously. I miss walking on the streets of The Bund. I miss the cold weather there too! I just miss everything there. The thing that I've regretted most was, we couldn't get to visit the new area of Shanghai, which is the Pudong district. I promised myself that I'll visit Shanghai again! 4 days and 3 nights is just not enough for us to explore the entire beautiful Shanghai city. After staying in Hangzhou for three nights, we proceeded to Shanghai by taking the bullet train again.

This is the interior of the bullet train. Clean and comfortable. Better than what I'd expected. Absolutely different from the normal monorails, trains or whatever you name it. The speed of the bullet train can reach up to 280 or 290 km/h (that's what I observed during our journey). 

This video is recorded by me. Just wanted to show you guys about the view outside the bullet train's window. 

Looking at these photos just gives me a warm feeling.

A river.


Finally we're back to Shanghai's Hongqiao railway station. Then, we took a cab to the hotel that we booked for our stay near the Huangpu district. We stayed at the SSAW hotel for about 4 days 3 nights.

Left our luggages in our hotel room and off to our destination which was the 上海老街 (Shanghai's old streets).

On our way!

Reaching our destination.

Spotted a fluffy cute dog.

Here we are! Does looking at these photos give you a distinctive feeling? :D

Hi people, you were on candid camera! :p

We're now at Yu Yuan. This is definitely one of the must visit tourist attractions. Coming to this street makes me feel like I was back in the past. If you have been wondering how does old/traditional chinese streets/buildings look like, this is it.

A collection of panda soft toys for sale! Aren't they cute? :D

As most of us are currently living in the bustling cities, we rarely have the chance to see these kinds of beautiful and traditional streets. By visiting Yu Yuan, you'll get the opportunity to taste all kinds of delicious food and take photographs of these old buildings.

We're at Hu Bin.

This bridge is known as the nine-twisted zigzag bridge, 九曲桥. Besides the traditional buildings, this bridge is also one of the highlights of this Yu Yuan area. From what I observed, most of the people like taking pictures of themselves while standing on this bridge.

Look at the crowd!

Ahhhh what a wonderful life.

Bought some freshly baked cakes (煎饼) to eat. :)

They even have a panda house, how adorable, but the things sold were a bit pricey for me. :(

Oh yes, their place is famous for their huge crab xiao long bao. And they have an unique way of eating it, which is by using the straw to suck out all the soup contained in the bun first, then only they start to eat the bun.

Went to the Cheng Huang temple after that.

View inside of the temple.

It looks like one of the scenes of the traditional chinese movies on the television.

Praying to god.

Fire shot #1.

Fire shot #2.

Fire shot #3.

We saw this funny little coloured poodle walking on the street.

Another cute poodle that we saw on the street.

Then we planned to go for a visit at The Bund (外滩).

Walking towards The Bund.

They have lots of bright coloured flowers everywhere, seriously.

Spot those buildings!

The Shanghai city's view, that is where the Pudong district is.

Spent our time walking at the bund.

This is how the Shanghai city center looks like during the day time. It looks exactly different during the night. Absolutely stunning I tell you.

Shanghai's famous oriental pearl tower.

Imagine you're standing on the streets of The Bund, holding a cup of warm Starbucks coffee while enjoying the scenery of the Shanghai city at night during spring time. Damn! That feeling is just beyond awesome. AWESOME PAWSOME.

I personally think that this is a good place for couples to hang out, you know, those romantic stuff.

Old buildings.

Lovely pink carnations.

The evening view. Scroll down to see more beautiful night pictures!

One word : AMAZING!

This is beautiful/perfect.

Magnificent view.

The wonderful Shanghai city view at night!

Colourful lights.

Went for a cup of coffee at a nearby Starbucks cafe.

Cupcakes anyone? :D

Went for a walk at the Bund again with my dad while sis and mum were enjoying their drinks at the Starbucks cafe. Love the cool breeze there and of course, the wonderful Shanghai city's view!

What do you call these? Ferries? Anyway, they are decorated with very bright lights.

Wo ai Shanghai 我爱上海/ I love Shanghai.

Mad love this cute advertisement!

A bull on the bund!

And here's a few videos I would like to share with you guys :

The clock tower at the Bund.

The awesome Shanghai city view.

At The Bund.


PicMonkey Collage
Check these out too!


That's all for the Shanghai's first day of trip!
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I shall be continuing blogging the next post soon! :)