Friday, February 23, 2018

Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) Visit 2018 - Skybridge (41st floor) & Observation Deck (86th floor)

I made my first visit to the KLCC skybridge 7 years ago. And just two days ago, I made my second visit to the Petronas Twin Towers again and this time we visited two different levels which are both the 41st floor (Skybridge) and the 86th floor which is the Observation Deck.

What made me wanting to visit the place again? I was actually watching one of CutiepieMarzia's videos on youtube about her fifth anniversary with her boyfriend Pewds and one of the tourist attractions that they have visited is the 86th floor of the KLCC towers. That sparked my interest. I have only been to the 41st floor of the towers but not the 86th floor of it so I was pretty curious to know what are the differences between standing on the Skybridge and the Observation Deck. Would the views from above look better than the views below it? I don't know. Guess we'll have to find it out!

We bought the tickets few days ago from the ticket counter itself instead of its website. Ticket prices may vary according to your nationality. For Malaysians with mykad, the ticket price is RM30 for adults and RM15 for both children and senior citizens. For foreigners, it is RM85 for adults, RM35 for children and RM45 for senior citizens. Do refer to their website for more information.

For foreigners, you can opt to purchase your tickets from the website itself without having to fear about the possibilities of the tickets being sold out on the day of your visit. As for Malaysians, I would suggest you to buy the tickets from the ticket counter itself to purchase it at the Mykad rate. Not forgetting to mention that the tickets are subjected to the availability of their time slots.

>> Btw, I have inserted a short video of our entire trip below at the bottom of this post, do check it out! The video has more details of our visit.

We checked in at 3pm and were given green colored tags to wear for group references. The color of tags given to you will differ according to which time group you are in.

Petronas Twin Towers Visit 2018 (Skybridge - 41st floor & Observation Deck - 86th floor)_Moment
This is the check in point. Reminder for Malaysians, do remember to bring your Mykad for verification purposes.

Petronas Twin Towers Visit 2018 (Skybridge - 41st floor & Observation Deck - 86th floor)_Moment(2)
An image of the ticket and the green pass.

We waited for the lift and we were introduced to the 41st floor of the building - aka the skybridge. The given visit time here is around 10 minutes.

The entire visit is a guided visit (with briefings included), meaning the staffs will tell you what to do next and it comes with time limits.


The skybridge is 170 meters above ground that connects tower 1 to tower 2. Tower 1 consists mainly of offices. Tower 2 is open to visitors but for only 3 main floors : lvl 41, lvl 83 and lvl 86.







At the other end of the skybridge is the connection to tower 1.

After that, we were directed to the 83rd floor for a lift exchange to get to the 86th floor. 86th floor, here we come!

Here's what the 86th floor looked like. It is surrounded by huge glass walls.


There is a miniature replica of the KL city and its skyline.


The white block of thing is a huge binoculars that allows visitors to take a look at any places they want to. I got to peep at one of the balconies of a random condominium and thank god that there were nothing obscene to be viewed at. Haha ok.

The magnificent tower 1 of KLCC.

The view from above here is really remarkable. The buildings here appear far smaller than what we saw from the 41st floor. If I'm not mistaken, we are currently 400+ meters above ground.

Spot the KL tower here.

A replica of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Buildings, highways, mountains and clouds.


I attempted to take a panorama view of the tower and it looks a bit odd here. 

I tried taking a picture with the tower in the background but it wasn't great; the background was far too bright to be seen or the background looks just nice but my entire body was shadowed.



After 15-20 minutes had elapsed, we were directed to the 83rd floor again to take another lift down to the ground floor. Also, 83rd floor is a level that sells little souvenirs. 

Here's a short video for the entire trip,

How was the trip? It was indeed a fun and memorable experience. So after viewing this post, would you plan to visit the 86th floor of the KLCC towers?

Another interesting fact, the total amount of our parking fee on that day was RM33 for 7 hours! 😬

Hope you enjoyed the post!
I'll see you guys when I see you :p


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Two months later updates

Hello again! I do realise that I have taken a few weeks refraining myself from being overly active on social medias. I'm here to share my thoughts with you on that. How did it feel? To be completely honest, it feels great. Great as in not having to feel pressured to post any nice pictures on instagram a few times in a month just for the sake of people viewing and liking it or to post an absolute crap amount of useless sad and whining tweets on twitter.

The point that I'm trying to make here is that, during this 'social media hibernation' period, I felt better since I do not get any unnecessary pressure from it by giving less f(s). You'll be less bothered about how people think of you and how much you need to make a fool out of yourself just to get all the attention and likes from others and you'll get to live life happier. Do excuse me in wording my sentence in such a manner because that's just how I thought.

Being all active in social medias just makes me feel pressured to always uphold good images of myself and just had to only post every wonderful moments of your life online, for the sake of letting everyone see and to prevent any possible chances of anyone making you into a topic of gossips.

To me, that's just all impossible.

Anyway, what I meant by unnecessary pressures are like whenever one does something and posts it online and everyone in the town thinks its cool and they just gotta do it and you are sitting there scrolling on your phone looking at it and thinking to yourself like hey I gotta do this too or else I'll be a laughing stock or an outdated person in everyone's eyes just because I haven't checked this thing out.

(I gotta admit I haven't given up on those memes online, I still watch them on youtube and that's the only thing I didn't abstain myself from doing lolol)

So yeah, do excuse me for the reduced amount of blog posts in my blog. I still truly appreciate and value each and every one of my readers and thank you to you guys for accompanying me throughout my blogging journey. I shall only blog whenever I truly feel like doing it without any pressure from anything.

On a brighter side, wishing you guys a very Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines day for those who are celebrating it! 

I'm still waiting for my valentine though.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

PAUL Bakery and cafe, Pavilion KL

Back in November, my dad and I visited the Paul Bakery and cafe in Pavilion KL on a weekday. We were intrigued by the number of desserts and pastries they serve in their cafe by just looking at their menu. This place serves not only pastries but also coffees, teas, sandwiches and some cooked dishes. Paul's bakery comprises of two parts; the dining area and an individual pastry kiosk. The individual pastry kiosk - for takeaway pastries is located right opposite of the cafe's dining area and can be easily spotted. I must say, Paul's bakery and cafe are aesthetically pleasing in its black-themed  setting. The entire place looks really elegant too. 🌟

Paul's dining area from the side view.

This is the view from my seat. 



From my seat, I can spot the individual pastry kiosk which is located just right opposite of the dining area.

Here's the individual pastry kiosk which displays and sells a variety of breads, tarts, eclairs and other pastries.

The prices of these pastries range from approximately RM5++ to RM20++. Not cheap I know.

I was merely craving for desserts and pastries hence I didn't really bother to look at the main course section in its menu. Although they do serve main courses but the choices that are offered were limited. As far as I could remember, they do offer options like pasta, cooked meats, salads, soup of the day and sandwiches. Not to mention that the prices of these dishes were quite pocket-unfriendly.. Or maybe the prices were meant to be high because they're exquisite french dishes??? I don't know.

All prices stated below are not inclusive of GST.

I went ahead and ordered a cup of vanilla black tea. RM 10.20. 🍵

I didn't quite like the taste of the tea at its first brew because the taste of the vanilla itself was quite overpowering, almost artificial but after a couple of brews, the tea tasted better as the vanilla taste becomes more subtle. Overall, the tea was good.

It comes with a pot of hot water for refills.

Dad ordered a cup of iced lemongrass tea. RM 12.10. Nothing special about it.

Waiting for my tea to brew.


I had a citron meringue tart - aka lemon meringue tart for RM15.10.

I really enjoyed this lemon tart, it's delicious! The tart shell was a bit tad too hard to cut with a knife but it's crunchy, I liked the lemon fillings as it wasn't too sour and it was quite sweet. The meringue was good. Absolute perfection. 🍋

Compared to the lemon meringue tart from Rubberduck hartamas, I liked this one better since it's less sour in taste.

Ordered a creme brulee to share with my dad. RM 17.

The creme brulee was also fine but I personally didn't like the layer of torched sugar on it because it was kindda bitter to taste. The creme itself is alright and its less sweet. It was okay for me.

Dad had a plate of salmon pasta - Rigatoni salmon. RM35.90. He enjoyed the dish a lot.

While enjoying my desserts I have also took a few foodie shots.




The total bill came up to RM105.15 inclusive of GST and 10% of service charges.

Final thoughts, I would return to this place again for its pastries and tea but not the main courses just because I didn't quite like the variety of the food that was being offered on the menu. I wish to try out other pastries like the eclairs on my next visit. I say, the pastries and desserts in this cafe were worth the try!