Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MAC lipstick - Velvet Teddy (matte) review

I have been a fan of makeup since young because makeup helps to give a pop of colour to people's faces. As a kid, I loved all the bright and vivid colours such as bright blue and neon pinks. My love for makeup blossomed even more when my aunt gave me a lipstick and a bright blue eyeshadow as a birthday gift when I was just six years old. However, I stopped wearing makeup as time goes by as I was embracing the beauty of no makeup looks and I was also lazy to put on any makeup.

At the age of 18, I realized that makeup is equally important in helping to cover up any imperfections on one's face. As I do not have a flawless complexion myself, I decided to learn more about the different types of makeup products that might help me in covering up certain blemishes on my face. That's when I begin to fall in love with makeup again. I mostly use lipsticks to brighten up my look because, without it, I would look like as if I'm sick or anything as I have naturally pale lips. Hence, I would like to dedicate my love for lipsticks by writing reviews about the different types/brands of lipsticks that I have tried and used before to share with everyone here. I hope that my reviews may help you in getting your next perfect lipstick!

Today, I'll be sharing with you guys about my reviews on one of the popular MAC lipsticks which is Velvet Teddy. This is my first ever makeup product that I have gotten from MAC.






Velvet Teddy is described as a deep-tone beige shade on its official website. It comes in the most typical yet iconic black MAC bullet lipstick form, as you may already know. It contains 3.0g, 0.1 oz of product. I got it for RM78 before the implementation of their new price list. The latest price of this product is RM82.




Texture and colour

Velvet Teddy has a matte texture. Despite being a matte, it doesn't feel dry on the lips. It isn't like those typical matte liquid lipsticks that will suck the life out of your lips. This lipstick feels comfortable on the lips, almost more moisturizing compared to other types of matte bullet lipsticks. And of course, after you have put it on for quite some time, around 1-2 hours later, you will notice that your lips may feel slightly dry after your initial application which is totally normal. 

In terms of the colour itself, I would say that it is a beautiful warm toned beige nude with a hint of red to it in real life. It is personally a 'my lips but better' shade for me. Also, the colour payoff was good but you might need 2 coats for it to be fully opaque. Still, it will be a really great colour for those who love natural or nudey lip colours. Psst.. I'm a huge fan of nude colours like this! 

Not to mention, the lipstick has a slight nice vanilla scent to it.

Here's a picture of my bare lip for comparison purposes.

After application of the lipstick.

Here's how Velvet Teddy looks like on my skin tone.


It lasted a good 4-4.5 hours for me. It does transfer like a normal bullet lipstick would but the transfer is minimal. 

Here's the thing, after almost 3 hours of wear, I do notice a milky (and a bit yellowish..) rim on my inner lip, aka the waterline of the lips. That isn't the most flattering thing I've ever seen. Had to wipe that off with a tissue and reapply a little. 

Not sure if it's just me or did you guys experience such a thing before too? Do let me know if you have any tips or tricks to prevent such rims! :)



All in all, I love the lipstick a lot except the part where it forms a yellowish rim around the waterline of my lips. It is one of the most beautiful nude lipsticks I have ever gotten in my collection. Will I buy this again? Maybe. I'll try it with a lip liner the next round I wear this again and I'll update you guys about it. 😄

This is my first ever makeup product post. I hope my review has helped you in planning your next makeup haul! If there's any tips or thoughts you'd like to share with me too, do leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading. 😊


Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Beginnings - Aug '17

Hey ya, as you may have already noticed, yes, I'm back with a new header and a new little side bar description! These photos were taken by both Ben and Brenda back then during our stay at the face suites back in July. I really like how these photos look and as such, I have decided to replace it with the previous blog header. Hope you guys will love this fresh new look. 😊

A lot of events have taken place since the beginning of the month of August. Of course, not all of it were happy ones. I had been dealing with some personal issues. Despite so, I hope that I will be able to go through all these stuff that is currently happening with a more positive and stronger mindset. Cheers to a whole new beginning! After two months of fun and games, my worries are starting to hit me real hard. My exam results. Thinking about it just makes me anxious but I just couldn't help it. Wish me luck. 💪

I went to Brenda's last Saturday. It was a good experience for me as I get to ride the local MRT for the first time ever! I was the only one among our gang who hasn't actually ridden the MRT before so I was definitely looking forward to it. You must be wondering, 'why would you even take public transport when you already know how to drive yourself?'. Well, I didn't know the way to Brenda's place. It was also quite far for me to drive all the way there myself. The only option I had was to take the MRT to the supposed station and Brenda would pick me up there. We parked our car at the Bandar Utama station. At 9.30am, my parents and I boarded the train in the Kajang line direction. It takes almost 4-5 minutes to go from one station to another. Yep, my parents actually accompanied me to take the MRT. We reached around 10.25am and from the Cheras station, Brenda's mom fetched me to her place.

The MRT station at Bandar Utama does have a park-and-ride facility. We entered the car park using our one U member card and if I'm not mistaken, the car park rate was RM1 for 4 hours (One U card) and RM2 for 4 hours for normal parking tickets.

Walking towards the station.

There we are, the entrance of the MRT station. We used the touch n go card for lower rates.

The stations were equipped with all sorts of facilities such as clean public restrooms.

The station looks really clean and bright, probably because it's still really new. 😆

Headed towards platform 1 for the Kajang line.

A route map.

The view inside the MRT. Clean, new and blue in theme.

That's how the open aired stations look like at a glance.

Also we got a glance at how the underground stations look like. It just looks like the ones in Singapore.


They said that the Bukit Bintang station was really pretty but too bad I didn't get to see it myself. :( Oh well, maybe next time! This is how the escalators in the Bukit Bintang MRT station looks like.


I would say the new MRT service was definitely really convenient for us and for everyone who gets to benefit from the service. Can't wait for the rest of the stations all around Kepong and other areas of KL to be completed soon! For more info, do visit the MRT Malaysia website to plan your journeys ahead. :)

Brenda and I had our lunch at this newly opened restaurant called Bobalife in Cheras. It was kind of hipster-ish I would say.



I ordered a large jasmine milk tea for RM8.90.

It was milky and smooth. I liked it a lot.


Brenda ordered a plate of fried rice and it was kindda meh..

Here's my chicken chop for RM17.90. I loved the BBQ sauce that comes with the chicken because it was really good.


I really had a whale of a time that day, thanks to Brendz and her lovely fam! :) 💗

On a Monday, I had a little catch up with my high school deskmate bestie, Huey Syuen. We had lunch at Take Eat Easy and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting. It was a really memorable day. :)

Tomato soup as starters.

We had chicken cordon bleu with fried rice as the main dish. RM19.90 for a set that includes a drink and a starter, which was the tomato soup. I would say.. the dish itself is quite bland and meh.

Iced peach tea in a cute conical flask.

We ordered a honey french toast with ice cream and other sweets on top. If I'm not mistaken, it was RM16.90. It was nice but the macaron was too sweet for my liking.


I was thinking, since I'm a fan of makeup and a lipstick addict, why don't I share my views/thoughts on certain products that I've tried and used before here with you guys? As a makeup user myself, I personally love reading other people's views and thoughts on different makeup products as I find it really useful for me in considering what products I should get in the future. So I'm happy to announce  that I'll soon be including posts of makeup and beauty products that I've tried and used before here to share with you all. Stay tuned for that! 😁

So that's all I'd like to share with you guys today, take care!