Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand trip - Day 3 (Platinum Mall & Above Eleven Rooftop Bar)

Day 3 in Bangkok was pretty chill. We only went to 3 places that day which are the Platinum mall,  Above Eleven Sky Bar at Fraser Suites, Sukhumvit and Central World. All of us woke up at 8.30am, got ourselves ready and headed over to Platinum mall at 12.30pm.

Platinum mall is well known for selling cheap and affordable clothing so of course we had to go and take a look. 😛

We walked to the Platinum mall via the pedestrian bridge. 

Saw a river on our way to the mall.



Before we start our shopping adventures, we headed towards the food court at level 6 to satisfy our hungry tummies. 😋

Lunch time!

I had a bowl of plain fish ball noodle soup. Tasted pretty decent I'd say. 🐟🍥

Tom yam fish ball noodles. 🍜

Mango sticky rice. This is by far the best mango sticky rice we've ever had in Bangkok 💛
If you look closely, the sticky rice is in a heart shape and it's a combination of three different coloured rice (but they all tasted the same). 

"What are these?", you may ask.
In Thai, it is known as luk chup - mung bean dessert.


"They look like fruits!"
Yep, these mung bean desserts/sweets are molded into various fruit shapes and coloured according to the fruit they're supposed to be. The shiny gloss coating on top of the sweets are actually agar. I loved this dessert!

Coconut water was good. Pure and refreshing. 💦

The crowd was massive during lunchtime.

After having our lunch, we went shopping for a little while and headed back to the hotel afterwards.
I got myself two t-shirts and a blouse. 😙

Went to 7 Eleven in the evening to get some food before heading out and I found this Wall's shots ice cream which looks really similar to the famous dippin' dots ice cream.

The ice cream has a mixture of flavours in it which are strawberry, lime and orange.
The taste was so-so only but it was worth the try since it looked interesting and it's not expensive either. 👐

Omelette bread from the bread section. Literally just egg and bread.

Later that evening, we had our dinner at the Above Eleven rooftop bar located at Fraser Suites, Sukhumvit. It was my first time going to a rooftop bar. All thanks to my dad for giving me the opportunity to experience dining at a rooftop bar.

I made a reservation for four persons at 6.30pm via their online booking website.

This rooftop/sky bar is located about 10 minutes away from our hotel. We had to take a cab to reach  this place because it's quite far for us to walk. Oh and another thing, the bar is accessible via the lifts that are located at the back of the main entrance of Fraser Suites. The bar opens at 6pm and the dress code is smart casual. 👗

Once you are seated at your table, the staffs will serve you with a small plate of complimentary roasted peanuts.  Another thing worth mentioning about this bar is that it provides two versions of menus- one in words and one in pictures (Ipad). It makes things easier for us while ordering our food and beverages.

The view from the rooftop bar was absolutely stunning. 😍


This rooftop bar is located at the 33rd floor of the building. The dishes served by this bar are of Peruvian and Japanese fusion. 

The seating area of the bar is surrounded by glass walls, allowing patrons to enjoy the view without any obstructions.

The vibrant city lights of Bangkok. Truly beautiful.

We ordered 4 dishes and 4 beverages that night.

The dishes we ordered were anticuchos chicken teriyaki (5 pcs of grilled chicken skewers), miso cod, salmon tacu tacu and seabass sudado. I had the seabass sudado which was seabass filet cooked in tomato broth with herbs and seafood served with a bowl of white rice. It was kindda meh to me. The grilled chicken skewers were good though! The chicken meat was perfectly grilled- juicy and tender.

For the beverage, I ordered a glass of orange juice. Mum and sis both had a glass of lemonade each and dad had a pint of Asahi beer.

I regretted ordering the orange juice because it tasted like the orange cordials that you could always get in supermarkets.

The place was quite dim hence the staff lit the candle up for us.

This is how the bar looks like from the view of our table.

Later that evening, my sis and I requested for a seat next to the glass window so that we could take some pictures with the Bangkok's skyline and the staff managed to get one for us so, yay!



Here's a picture to show you guys how the lighting at our seat looked like that night (without the lit candle). It was pretty dark actually.

These are some of the pictures that I took that night.



Since I was here at the bar, why not order a glass of cocktail just for a try? 🍸

The name of this cocktail is Rosa Maria's garden, a combination of rosemary infused vodka, herbal liqueur and lemon juice.
It had a strong alcohol taste to it but it was alright for me.

Thank goodness I did not get drunk after that since I'm not good at drinking hehe.

The feeling of being able to enjoy the beautiful night city scenery with a glass of cocktail in hand is truly blissful. Definitely an unforgettable experience for me. 🌟


Total bill was THB3954.72

At around 9pm, we left the Above Eleven bar and headed over to Central World by cab.

Traffic congestions frequently occur on the roads of Bangkok. We were stuck in a 10 minute jam before we were able to reach our destination.

Later, we went to explore the Hua Hin food fair that was happening outside of Central World.

Sis got herself a cup of rose milk tea and it is actually rose syrup bandung. 😂

Look at these cute glass bottled carbonated drinks! 

We bought pad thai, seafood tom yum noodles and some fruit juice from the food fair and headed back to our hotel because we were exhausted.

I almost forgot, here's a short video for the day!

I really enjoyed my visit to the Above Eleven rooftop bar, it was an amazing experience.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
See you soon!


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