Monday, September 30, 2013

Making pancakes with dad!

Hello everyone! As you guys know that I have a sweet tooth and I love love LOVE desserts! I have never had the thought of making my own desserts at home until one day, when my family and I were shopping at One Utama's Aeon store, there was this lady who was promoting Japanese products like bottled pancake syrups, chocolate syrups and pancake mixes who inspired my dad to make our own pancakes at home. My dad knows both my sister and I love pancakes and finally he decided to buy a box of pancake mix and make some pancakes at home! Pancakes are fun and easy to make especially when you have the pancake mix. As for myself, I prefer using cake mixes or anything that comes readily in mixes as I'm not a professional at cooking or baking.

This is the pancake mix that we used and it comes with instructions! :D

The ingredients needed are just so simple. We used 140cc of milk instead of using eggs.

Mixing the ingredients.


We pre-heated the little pan with medium fire and we left it to cool slightly. 

Done with mixing the ingredients!

Dad poured the mixture into the pan and heated it over 3 minutes till small bubbles are seen then flipped the pancakes over.




And the pancakes are ready to be served!

A plate of yummy pancakes! :p

That's all I would like to share with you guys today.
Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival '13

Hey people! Happy mid autumn festival/ happy mooncake festival! Today's a big day to most of the chinese people. It's the 15th day of August in the chinese calendar. Hopefully each and everyone of you will enjoy tonight's dinner and look at the moon while enjoying your mooncakes! Hahaha. I'm currently enjoying my jelly mooncake while blogging. Lovely.

I love jelly mooncakes compared to the traditional ones.

Happy mooncake festival!

One of my grandma's flowers.

My grandma even planted some tomatoes! It hasn't ripen yet. :)

Look at that! :D Tomatoes are one of my favorite snacks.

Taken this photo yesterday, look at how beautiful the moon is.



That's all for today, enjoy your day!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting busier!

Hello everyone! Unexpectedly, my life is becoming more and more busy as the day goes by. I can sense that my responsibilities are doubled after taking up the job. It's like a huge rock is pressing down against me. The exam days are drawing closer and closer, that gives me the pressure too. Hope things go well. It's already the 13th of September, how fast it is! And today's a friday so TGIF! It doesn't matter anyway so yeah, I'm here to blog about what has happened during the month of September.

First, for us the prefects, the annual dinner was held at Sg Buloh clubhouse last saturday and most of us had went to the run for peace program which was held at the Dataran PJ last Sunday. The prefects' dinner was okay to me and the run for peace program was really enjoyable. I didn't run as I was holding a bag full of bottled mineral water and that was extremely heavy, I had backache too after carrying that stuff. I just walked throughout the entire event. There were about 15k of participants on that day, no joke! We reached there by about 5 something in the morning. I was feeling extremely sleepy once I reach there as I didn't get enough of sleep. I woke up at 4 am for this! Not to forget, we had prefects' dinner the night before the run for peace event.

Taken during the run for peace event.

More pics! :

Hairdo of the night!

Reached Dataran PJ early in the morning.

Warm up exercises before the run.

Look at the amount of people!

My shot. :D

Back at the dataran PJ. Grabbed our goodies bag and the event cert then we went to grab some ice cream and milo. After that, we boarded the bus and went back to school.

My dad made us pancakes on Sunday! It was yummy but I didn't eat much 'cause I was full. :(

That's all for this post.
It's not the end yet! There are more events coming in our way soon! :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The diary of a sick girl : Chickenpox attack!

Hello people! I'm here today to share with you all about my chickenpox experience. Most of my school mates knew that I was having this odd thing called chickenpox last week. I stayed at home and I didn't go to school for a week. I was having fever at that time too. Missed my baby girls so much. It wasn't a fun experience, although some of you think it's cool. Hell no. I got infected with chickenpox last Tuesday. I was told that I couldn't take most of the food as it will give me side effects. For the chinese, we believe that when we're having chickenpox, we must avoid food that contain beans and soy sauce. I had the same food over and over again for every meal. Trust me, it is truly sickening. Till now, I'm still sticking to my plain food diet. It hasn't fully recovered yet.

Chickenpox all over my face.

It all started like this, one day, when I was taking my shower at night, I realized that there were three little red blisters on my abdomen, so I thought it was just some ordinary pimple so I tried to squeeze one of it. Then I ignored it and continue taking my shower. After that, I went straight into my bed room to get myself dressed. That was the moment when I saw the blister that I squeezed, it went back into shape. I thought it was normal then I realized something, this looks like the signs of chickenpox and I googled about it. Then the next day, I went to see the doctor. I was right. It was the blisters of the chickenpox. Urgh. So I was given some medicine and a bottle of calamine lotion to apply on the affected areas. It was all over my body. And don't be surprised to find out that they are all over the back of your head! Never scratch that thing as it will leave some marks/scars behind.

Tired of eating the same thing over and over again. Hence, I ate sugar crackers. :p

Lots of medicine.

Calamine lotion, I guess you can get it at the drugstore.

Have been eating a lot of bread. 

That's all I would like to share today. Before ending this post, let me share a picture with you all.

A freaking rainbow! I captured it when I was sick.