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Bangkok, Thailand trip - Day 2 (Erawan, Gaysorn, 7 Eleven, Siam Paragon, Siam & Terminal 21)

Are you back for another update? Welcome back! Today I will be blogging about the things we did on the second day of our Bangkok trip. On this day, we have explored around 5 to 6 main places like the Erawan Shrine, Gaysorn Village, Siam Paragon, Siam Centre and Siam Square One and also last but not least, Terminal 21. This is also one of the days where we have walked the most out of the 6 days in Bangkok. By the time we reached our hotel at night, both our feet were pretty sore but it's worth all the walk! #NoRagrets

Again this time, we traveled without following any of the tours so it's usual for us to get a little lost while exploring certain areas. I have learnt something from this trip also, always get your own pocket wifi or at least a 3G sim card for your phone while travelling abroad. With a little help from the internet, it'll be easier for you to locate your whereabouts and to ensure you're on the right direction towards your destination. I'd recommend having google maps installed on your phone so that if you ever felt lost, just tap into the app, select your destination and the app will guide you to that place by locating your whereabouts and it'll also let you know how long it will take for you to reach there.

Let's get started with some pictures!

I love hotel blankets- they're white and fluffy. 💤

Erawan Shrine.



After our prayers, we went to the nearby 7 Eleven which is located inside of the Gaysorn tower.

The 7 Eleven stores in Bangkok, especially this one in Gaysorn is really spacious. I really like this 7-11 outlet because it is brightly-lit and clean.

Here comes the interesting part of the store, not only do they sell normal items like sweets, soft drinks, ice cream and packet food items, they also sell popular tourist-y items, hot food and freshly baked pastries! If only we have these in Malaysia!! 😭

They also sell ready to eat meals and food items like sandwiches, cakes, eggs and more. I wished I could try them all out. 😣

This is the hot food section where they sell steamed hot buns, sausages, rice dishes and some other foodstuffs. Interesting right?! 😲

I didn't buy anything much from the store that day but I did try out this meiji cultured-milk drink that has a similar taste to vitagen.

My sis had this meiji mango flavoured milk. I took a sip of it and it was good. It had a mild mango flavour to it but not overpowering enough to destroy the milk's taste. 👍

Heading towards the Gaysorn village.

I like how Gaysorn uses artificial flowers in purples and pinks to decorate the entrances of their buildings. It makes the place look dreamy. 😍

Inside of Gaysorn Village.

That looks like a really pretty cafe down there.

The mall sells mostly luxurious items so we didn't really bother to take a look at the stores.

We took the pedestrian bridge (that connects to Gaysorn) and headed towards the Siam direction.

The sun was shining into our faces and thank goodness we did apply a layer of sunscreen onto our skin. Remember to bring hats or shades if you're planning to go there.

Arrived at the Siam Paragon mall. Upon entrance, I saw this really cute Sealife poster that features a picture of a penguin. I was attracted by it.

Then we went to check the Sealife thingy out to see what's it about.

The entrance fee was around RM100++ so I decided not to go in for a visit. Well, maybe next time.

Then we continued walking towards the exit that leads to Siam Center.

The food court at Siam Paragon was quite crowded so we thought of going over to Siam Center to see if there's any nice place to get our lunch.





We decided to get our quick lunch at the Food Republic food court.

Since this is our first time in Bangkok, we did not know that most food courts/centres do not use cash transactions at the food stalls. Instead, you have to purchase a top-up card at the cashier booths in order to purchase your food. It functions like a touch-n-go card where you just deposit any amount of money you want into that card, say 500 baht. And when you're done purchasing your food and drinks, you return that card to the cashier and they will refund the balance to you.

I got myself a bowl of tom yum soup egg noodles with crab meat. I enjoyed it very much as the soup was not too spicy yet it has a sweet seafood taste to it. The texture of the noodles were okay.

Fried oysters with eggs. It was just meh.

Tom yam noodles.

After our lunch, we walked around the mall to take a look at things.

We stopped by at Starbucks to get some drinks.



I ordered a milk pudding for 75 baht. 🥛🍮
It comes in a small and solid sealed plastic cup.

The milk pudding has a very soft texture and it'll melt in your mouth after a few seconds. The pudding also had a really creamy and milky taste to it, reminds me of a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream from Haagen Dazs. Worth the try! 🍦😋

Guess what I saw in Siam Center? Lush!!!
I was really excited when I saw this because they don't have any stores in Malaysia yet and I've always heard good things about their bath and body products and I wanna check them out myself ❣

The store has tiled walls, resembling the walls of a bathroom which I think is pretty cute.

This is what the store looks like from outside.

I was really thrilled to see these bath bombs and bath pearls in real life because they are so so pretty!! Who could ever resist looking at such beautiful things?? 💖

However, I did not get any of the bath bombs since I don't have a bathtub at home nor did we had the time to utilise the bathtub in the hotel 😞

My sis was trying out some of the products in the store.

The store has a very strong perfume scent so for those who do not enjoy strong scents may not feel like wanting to go in. Like my dad, he just stood outside waiting for us since he didn't like the smells.

Perfumes on display. I wanted to get a perfume that smells like the Whoosh shower jelly but unfortunately none of the perfumes smell anything like it.

Here's a selection of perfumes available for sale in the store. You can directly smell the rocks to understand how each of the perfumes' scents are.

This is my favourite part- Shower jellies! I personally love the Whoosh shower jelly a lot. Whoosh has a really refreshing citrus-y smell to it since it's made of fresh lemons, grapefruit and lime juices. I got one of those from the store for 375 baht. 💙

These are some of the bath bombs that you usually see in youtube or instagram.

My whoosh jelly was in this brown paper bag hehe.

Went back to Siam Paragon afterwards.

We were trying to locate the famous after you dessert shop here but we didn't know where it is so I went to ask the staff at the information counter. It's actually located at the ground floor of the mall, near to the food street.


After you dessert and cafe.

We had to queue to wait for our turn.


We were seated outside of the shop.


Btw guys, I would be blogging a separate post about this dessert cafe to review about it later. This cafe does deserve a post on its own because it's really that gooooood.
So for those who are curious about this cafe, do remember to check for the review soon!

We ordered a mango sticky rice kakigori. 🍨
265 baht.

This is the shibuya honey toast. Served with a dollop of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream on top.
195 baht. 🍞


Strawberry cheesecake kakigori.
Also 265 baht. 🍨

Here's a picture of all the food we ordered. I dare say nothing beats this dessert shop's kakigori.
It is a must to visit this dessert shop if you're ever in Bangkok! 👍

Walked out of Siam Paragon to take a look what's nearby. Here, you can clearly see the siam center from afar.


Then we discovered siam square one which is right opposite of Siam Paragon within walking distance.

We got to explore this newly opened line village store that sells various cute line merchandises. For line fans, this is one place you should visit!

The store sells things like line stickers, pens, notebooks and apparels.

The items weren't cheap though. A notebook that is the size of a palm was around 160 baht I think.

Plush toys, round pillows and neck pillows.

Image result for siam square one eveandboy
Makeup lovers, you can check out the Eveandboy makeup store while you're here in Siam Square One. It is a huge makeup shop that carries big brands like MAC, Nyx, Urban Decay and more affordable brands like in2it, wetnwild and many more.

Picture courtesy of google images.

Outside of siam square one is a row of shops, restaurants and massage centres.

While we were there, there seems to be a hua hin inspired street market thingy going on.
There were street food stalls and also clothing booths.

Came across this very hipster-ish pink Stylenanda store and cafe so I had to take a picture of it.

Not a big fan of korean makeup products hence I didn't check it out.

This is another clothing store that has a cafe in it too.



Later that evening, we took the BTS from Siam to Asok.

It was our first time ever BTS experience. We bought tickets from the ticket counter itself.

The BTS is similar to our country's LRT but way more crowded. The coach was fully packed with people, leaving you with little space to stand. 😬

This is how it looks like from the outside.

The BTS station looks like this. Some of the stations do not have the automated glass gates while some of them have.


It works just like our railway systems in KL do.

Our destination, terminal 21!


OMG are we in Tokyo??

Terminal 21 is a mall that features different themes in each and every of its levels such as Tokyo, Istanbul, Rome and London. It resembles an airport-like building, with overhead boards telling you which level you're at and which floor you're heading towards such as the picture above.

The mall is commonly known for its huge variety of clothing shops and differently themed washrooms. 

Tbh, I do not find anything here really impressive aside from the cute overhead boards and the decorations. The clothing shops in this mall reminds me of the type of shops we have in Time Square or the asian avenue in Sunway Pyramid.


They do have various restaurants or food stores in here.



After spending some time at Terminal 21, we went back to Siam Center to have our dinner.

We had our dinner at Hachiban ramen.

If you have ever been to one utama while you were still a child, you may have come across this ramen shop right opposite of Kluang station, next to the exit of the Rainforest area at LG floor.

Unfortunately that branch has permanently closed down several years ago but we were really happy that we were able to discover its branches in Bangkok.


The ramen noodles in this shop are reasonably priced and affordable. The prices range from approx 63 baht to 130 baht (maybe?).

Iced green tea. 22 baht.

Roasted duck ramen. 90 baht.

The portion of the noodles were okay but still a bit lesser than what we usually eat back in our country. We (4 persons) ended up ordering 6 bowls of noodles altogether. 🍜

I saw this cute banana peel caution sign at one of the entrances and took a picture of it. 🍌

At night, we took the BTS back to Chit Lom.

While you're boarding the BTS, always make sure to look at the train's LED signage to ensure you're going towards the right destination.

While we're back in Chit Lom, we took the pedestrian bridge and headed back to our hotel.


It was raining that night.

One thing I noticed in Bangkok is that the roads are constantly jam.

Took the bridge back to Gaysorn and then back to our hotel.

Here's a video of our second day in Bangkok:

That's all for day 2 and I hope you enjoyed reading!
See you guys in the next post 😁


  1. Bangkok is a good place to shop. And the kakigori looks tempting 😍😍

  2. Yes sifu, the kakigori was good <3 but regarding the shopping part, i guess both countries are of no difference actually