Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Oh!Tea (Oh Tea), Laman Rimbunan Kepong

Visiting hipster cafes has been one of the things that I really wanted to do after my A2 exams but unfortunately I didn't really had the chance to do it due to the many events/happenings and emergencies that has happened throughout my holidays. I bet you guys will agree with me if I tell you the reasons why I would love to visit such places is because of their instagram-worthy food and beverages and also their clean + modern looking interior designs.

One day, as my mum drove past Laman Rimbunan in Kepong, I was attracted by this newly opened cafe's signage. Same as the title above, it's called 'Oh!Tea'. So I went online and searched for the details or any blog posts about this place and all I can only find was their facebook page. According to their fb page, they serve different types of teas and beverages such as coffee and chocolate drinks and a variety of food including pastas, snacks and waffles. It has been a while since I've ever had any waffles so I decided to give this place a try. We went on a Sunday evening. On a side note, there will be no pictures of any hot food as we were told that their kitchen was on a break from 4-5pm.

The beverage menu.

And the food menu. Waffles were the only thing available to order by the time we reach that place.

The interior of it.

We ordered a pot of french rose + apple tea. RM10.90.

Cute little round tea cups.

I ordered a plate of waffles topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. RM9.90.

The waffles were super crispy and a tad bit hard so it took some time for me to chew hahaha.

Thoughts about this place? I would say both the food and drinks served were okay but their service definitely needs a lot of improvements (in terms of friendliness). They got our orders mixed up initially but in the end all was well.

See you again soon!

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