Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The diary of a sick girl : Chickenpox attack!

Hello people! I'm here today to share with you all about my chickenpox experience. Most of my school mates knew that I was having this odd thing called chickenpox last week. I stayed at home and I didn't go to school for a week. I was having fever at that time too. Missed my baby girls so much. It wasn't a fun experience, although some of you think it's cool. Hell no. I got infected with chickenpox last Tuesday. I was told that I couldn't take most of the food as it will give me side effects. For the chinese, we believe that when we're having chickenpox, we must avoid food that contain beans and soy sauce. I had the same food over and over again for every meal. Trust me, it is truly sickening. Till now, I'm still sticking to my plain food diet. It hasn't fully recovered yet.

Chickenpox all over my face.

It all started like this, one day, when I was taking my shower at night, I realized that there were three little red blisters on my abdomen, so I thought it was just some ordinary pimple so I tried to squeeze one of it. Then I ignored it and continue taking my shower. After that, I went straight into my bed room to get myself dressed. That was the moment when I saw the blister that I squeezed, it went back into shape. I thought it was normal then I realized something, this looks like the signs of chickenpox and I googled about it. Then the next day, I went to see the doctor. I was right. It was the blisters of the chickenpox. Urgh. So I was given some medicine and a bottle of calamine lotion to apply on the affected areas. It was all over my body. And don't be surprised to find out that they are all over the back of your head! Never scratch that thing as it will leave some marks/scars behind.

Tired of eating the same thing over and over again. Hence, I ate sugar crackers. :p

Lots of medicine.

Calamine lotion, I guess you can get it at the drugstore.

Have been eating a lot of bread. 

That's all I would like to share today. Before ending this post, let me share a picture with you all.

A freaking rainbow! I captured it when I was sick.

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