Monday, September 30, 2013

Making pancakes with dad!

Hello everyone! As you guys know that I have a sweet tooth and I love love LOVE desserts! I have never had the thought of making my own desserts at home until one day, when my family and I were shopping at One Utama's Aeon store, there was this lady who was promoting Japanese products like bottled pancake syrups, chocolate syrups and pancake mixes who inspired my dad to make our own pancakes at home. My dad knows both my sister and I love pancakes and finally he decided to buy a box of pancake mix and make some pancakes at home! Pancakes are fun and easy to make especially when you have the pancake mix. As for myself, I prefer using cake mixes or anything that comes readily in mixes as I'm not a professional at cooking or baking.

This is the pancake mix that we used and it comes with instructions! :D

The ingredients needed are just so simple. We used 140cc of milk instead of using eggs.

Mixing the ingredients.


We pre-heated the little pan with medium fire and we left it to cool slightly. 

Done with mixing the ingredients!

Dad poured the mixture into the pan and heated it over 3 minutes till small bubbles are seen then flipped the pancakes over.




And the pancakes are ready to be served!

A plate of yummy pancakes! :p

That's all I would like to share with you guys today.
Have a great week ahead!

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