Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nitrogen ice cream!

Hello everyone! It's sunday and yeah, I'm here to blog today! *grins widely* I have just come to realize that the internet is one of the most important part in my life. Without the internet, life is quite boring and dull as you can't get to see any news updates or to search anything that you want to know on google. My house has no internet connection since friday so both of these days were hard for me as I can't get to online or to see the latest tweet updates from twitter. Without the internet, I couldn't get to listen to my favorite songs and watch silly videos on youtube. Life is meaningless without the internet, literally. Don't you think so?

Time flies. The form 5 students are having their SPM examinations next week. I'll really miss my bus mate, Chai Hwai. Taking the bus back home without her is seriously boring. Try imagining sitting alone in the bus everyday and there's no one there to talk to you. That feeling is just so... terrible. Life goes on. Well, it doesn't matter, we'll be meeting each other again soon! Good luck to you my dear. :)

Back to the main topic, I shall talk about NITROGEN ICE CREAM! *shrieks*

Have you guys heard of nitrogen ice cream? Bet some of you haven't. Exactly, it's just ice cream made out of liquid nitrogen. To learn more about nitrogen ice cream, you can search for it's details in google. When I was first introduced to this thing called the nitrogen ice cream, I could hardly believe that the ice cream is actually made using liquid nitrogen. I was like : "what? are you kidding me?". But no, it really is made by using liquid nitrogen. How amazing! I had my first nitrogen ice cream experience last month at the NBrew stall in midvalley megamall. I love the texture of the nitrogen ice cream, it is smooth and creamy. Yummy! Thinking of it makes me feel hungry now. :p

Taken from my instagram.

NBrew cafe! The NBrew cafe that I went to is located at the first floor, F-074A of the midvalley megamall. (next to cotton on and Romp)

They have this cute periodic table of elements on their wall. :D



Their menu.


And there comes the interesting part.


My lychee flavoured gelato!


Sister's strawberry cheesecake gelato. :D

And here's a youtube video from NBrew,

To know more about NBrew, you can go to their website at for more information. 

Alright, I shall stop here. See you guys!


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