Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hail's Soft Serve Ice Cream (Damansara uptown)

I have always wondered where Damansara Uptown is. I use the LDP highways regularly to travel to both Subang and PJ areas and I know the existence of these shop lots since years ago, however, I didn't know that the area itself is known as Damansara Uptown until last week when Javier showed me the way to the newly opened shopping mall called The Starling. I went to the place again yesterday with my sis and her friend. Initially, I wanted to try out the other ice cream parlor named 'Softsrve' but in the end, I've decided to try this one out instead because this shop was nearer to our place. So here we are, Hail's soft serve!


Headed over to the counter to have our orders taken and I was a bit confused for a short moment. There are many types of ice cream combinations that you can choose from and they do serve coffee as well. Three of us decided to go for the plain ice cream in a cup option as we were still full from our earlier lunch.

Waited for a little while for our ice cream to be served.



They have a little self-service corner where customers can help themselves to the cutlery, serviettes or drinking water.

Look at how cute and pretty the pastel-colored cups are!

I ordered a plain soft serve with two flavour combinations which consisted of blue gula Melaka and teh tarik. RM9.50.

What I would say about their ice cream is that they have a really really creamy texture, even creamier than the ice cream we had at milkcow's! It has a rich, soft and creamy texture which made me go like 'Woah'.


Sis also had the plain soft serve with two flavor combinations which are the sirap bandung and pandan cake. Also RM9.50.

Can't deny that they have really cute and interesting decorations in the shop.

I liked this light decoration a lot. It's a fluffy cloud with strings of clear plastic balls.

Looks almost like a real cloud, literally.

Here's the total bill. And yea, my sister's friend ordered a soft serve with 4 flavour combinations which consisted of all the flavours I mentioned above. Their soft serve flavours of the month are the blue gula melaka, pandan cake, sirap bandung and teh tarik.

Here's an artsy photo of the soft serve with the shop's decos.

What do I think of this place?
I would say it's worth the visit, however, I wished that there were more soft serve flavors available.
Definitely a nice place for a little hangout with your friends and family.

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