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10 reasons why I love Kuala Lumpur

This post was drafted a year ago and was rediscovered by me today. I didn't post this up earlier because I thought I would have had some amendments to do and to add some pictures here and there. I'm glad that I'm finally done writing this post and so.. happy reading! 😊


Another inspiration popped in my mind today. Why don't I blog about the city that I love most in my country? When I was as young as 2 years old, I have always been wandering around the streets in Kuala Lumpur with my family. I would sit in the car quietly and enjoy every single beautiful view of the city. For those of you who didn't know, Kuala Lumpur is the main capital of Malaysia and this is the place where you will get to see all the beautiful skyscrapers along with our country's well known buildings which are both the Kuala Lumpur twin towers (Menara KLCC) and the Kuala Lumpur tower (Menara KL). I guess what makes me love Kuala Lumpur even more is because I am born and raised here. I feel very grateful to be born in such an amazing place. I cannot lie that I have so much love for Kuala Lumpur and that brings me to this topic today which is 10 reasons why I love KL. Let's go!


1. This is the place where you can find all the amazing food.

Nasi lemak, char kuey teow, roti canai, you name it all and we have it here, like literally! What makes our country so popular is our food. We will never get bored with the food here. And the good part of it is that you can just find it anywhere in KL. Malay cuisines, chinese cuisines and indian cuisines can be found in the malls itself or at the shops outside on the streets of KL. If you're hungry in the middle of the night, you need not to be worried about it as you can just simply find a 24-hour operated food shop/store near you such as Mcdonalds, KFC or a mamak stall. If you're lonely and want to meet your friends to have a chat even as early as at 1 am in the morning, you can just ask them out to have teh ice at any of the nearby mamak stalls. Convenient right! We also have many well-known hotels located here like Shangri-la, Hilton and many more that serves great cuisines, buffet or fine dining. Basically, if you're here in KL, you should try out the different kinds of local delights and it will surely not disappoint you!

Also, we have many interesting dessert shops and cafes to satisfy both your sweet cravings and cafe hopping experiences.


2. Most of the grand and huge shopping malls are located here.

According to wikipedia (2017), the 8th world's biggest shopping mall is located here in Kuala Lumpur which is the one utama shopping mall! To be exact, one utama isn't not located right in the city centre but still its location is kind of near to KL. For people like me who loves shopping, this might be a right place for us as we have many huge shopping malls available here such as the Suria KLCC mall, Pavilion Bukit Bintang, Midvalley Megamall, the Gardens, Starhill Gallery (for the luxurious) and a lot more. For example, if you're a tech gadget lover, you can always check out the Low Yat plaza nearby Sungei Wang plaza and if you're a fashionista, you can check out Pavilion for branded accessories and fashion or midvalley megamall for varieties of shoes and clothings.






3. The city view of Kuala Lumpur is absolutely stunning and breathtaking no matter during the day or night.

Believe me, if you had the opportunity to wander around the streets of KL at night, you will surely be amazed by its beautiful city views, especially around the city center. If you're a person who is willing to splurge on dining at places such as the Troika skydining or at Marini's on 57, you'll get to enjoy the gorgeous kl city view during your meal and at the same time, you'll get to take selfies or portraits with the breathtaking skyline views and also with the KLCC towers in the background of your picture. In my own opinion, another way of enjoying the city's beautiful skyline is by visiting the menara kuala lumpur (KL tower) in the early evenings till late evenings as you'll get to observe how the KL skyline looks like during the day and during night time.

4. We have a lot of holidays.

Erm, this is not a really valid reason but yeah, aside from all the awesome features we have in the city of KL, the best part of being here is that we have a lot of holidays! We have holidays for festive seasons and that's already for sure but we also have holidays for Thaipusam, federal territory day and etc. Why do I love holidays? Because I'll get to sleep longer and need not to wake up early in these mornings hahaha. What a lazy fellow.



5. You will get to see a lot of beautiful festive decorations around the place during different festive seasons.

During festive seasons, you will get the opportunity to see the decorations around the city especially during CNY, hari raya puasa, deepavali and the most anticipated Christmas season. You can see such decorations most likely in the shopping malls itself or sometimes on the streets of KL. If it's on the streets, you'll see mini lanterns, ketupats or fairy lights being hung and lit up on the street lights. I personally love visiting Pavilion KL during festive seasons to take a look at their festive decorations as they always have really impressive decorations during such celebrations.

6. Modern concepts, everywhere in the city!

Personally, I dislike traditional/olden looking places or shopping malls.. I just don't really know why but it does give me a little bit of a creepy feeling whenever I visit such places. I love going to places which seem more modern (ok don't judge) and has a clean looking feeling with a brightly-lit environment. And KL has such places.

7. Most of the country's famous attractions are here.

The most famous buildings of our country such as the KLCC twin towers and menara KL is located here. Famous cultural and religious places such as the Batu Caves, the national mosque and the large Thean Hou temple is located here as well. KL has more attractions like the national park, aquaria KLCC, national zoo, bird park and etc. People from other places would have to travel far just to come to KL and visit these places while I have the privilege of visiting these places as many times as I like since I'm living in this city. Hehehe.

8. Our people are friendly.

Perhaps you may have encountered with a few unfriendly events with our people here but I have to say, most of our people here could be the nicest people you will ever meet! We speak all kinds of languages such as Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Tamil and different kinds of dialects.

9. Lively happenings usually take place here as this is the main city of the country!

Most music concerts take place here and we always get the most main updates (in terms of food and news). Take some of the restaurants or cafes as an example, most well known international cafes or dining restaurants will have their franchise opened here in the center of Malaysia, which is Kuala Lumpur. If I'm not mistaken, the franchises of international cafes like tous les jours, caffebene and etc, international dining restaurants such as Din Tai Fung and etc and international food and beverage stalls such as chatime, llao llao and etc are firstly opened around the places in KL in Malaysia. Hence as a part of a KL-ian, we get to try out these new stuff ahead of others (oopsie, no offense guys).



10. You will never get bored of this place.

You can never get bored here or you can never get bored of this place. Although I've been living in KL for so many years, I'm never bored of this place. On a random day, you can just do some shopping around here, go to a hipster cafe and enjoy the food and beverage there or even check out some of the places you've never been to before in KL. There's a lot of things to do in KL.

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If you are also living in KL, what do you like about this place?
 And if you're a tourist, welcome to Kuala Lumpur!


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