Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blog's fresh new look and resolutions

Photographed by Javier Chong.

Hey readers, it's been so long since I've updated my blog's looks and after some time I think it's time to give my blog a little change so this time, I'm giving my blog a brand new look with the same theme again which is sakura flowers and I hope that this new blog look would help in giving my blog the cleaner and fresher look instead of the previous customization which looked pretty dull.

My previous blog customization, you would know if you've always visited my blog frequently.

There were these few late nights where I started thinking about my blog's statistics and I still think that my blog hasn't been doing really well since the amount of blog readers are declining instead of increasing. I was wondering if it's due to the quality of my posts or is it due to the fact the blogs are no longer appreciated or visited by people over these times?

So, in order to improve my blog's statistics and gaining more readers, I've set a blog resolution for myself with no time limits. You may say I want to gain more popularity or something and I don't mind about it, the fact is that I hope that more people would appreciate and to enjoy reading more of my blog posts. Well I have to say that I might not be posting any really useful information or things which are more relevant to your liking and expectations but still, I hope that I could really bring my blog to a higher level and to keep improvising the quality of the blog and its contents. I really hope that you guys will still continue enjoy reading my blog posts and I have to say thank you for your endless supports all these while and I seriously appreciate it.

I'm quite a lengthy person so let's skip all the long talks and proceed to my blog resolutions!

1. To always improvise the content of my blog posts and to provide more useful information for my readers.
2. To post more place related blog posts.
3. To post more food related blog posts. I know most of you would prefer to read food related blog posts.
4. To improve the picture quality in my blog posts. Okay, to be honest, this would be a really tough part since I'm always lazy to bring my camera anywhere I go as it's really heavy and not easy to be carried along so I always prefer to take pictures using my phone instead so I hope you wouldn't mind.
5. To blog in a more cheerful way of writing instead of using dull languages all the time.
6. To improve my blog's statistics and to gain more readers.

All the above are my blog resolutions and I hope that I could achieve it even though I may not blog so frequently. Besides blogging about my blog resolutions, I would like to add on another topic which I'd to share with you guys which is the 2 (instead of 5 as I really can't think of other better reasons) main reasons why I enjoy blogging.

Here we go, 2 reasons why I like blogging.

First and foremost, the reason why I like blogging is because blogging allows me to share my experiences with everyone. No matter it is a good or bad experience, through blogging, you can express or share almost anything you like with your blog readers. Take my blog posts as an example, I love sharing my travelling journeys, personal thoughts and dining experiences with you guys as I find that through sharing, it may provide useful (or maybe not) information for the others. Sharing things with others will also make you feel good at times.

Next, blogging allows me to keep all my memories in my blog, like literally forever. It allows you to store your stories and your personal experiences all in one place, with word descriptions and dates and sometimes, with pictures. There was this one time where my sister and I were discussing about our trip to china and we were talking about the places we went and the things that we did there. I immediately thought of my blog and I said to her we could always check out my blog to refer to that particular event to reconfirm about something. Like me, having a blog could be useful at times especially when you want to refer to past events as a source of reference.

Photographed by Javier Chong.

Then, what makes me feel happy after blogging?

Simple, the answer is when I get to know that there are readers who actually take time to read my blog posts. If you're in my position, I believe that you would be really excited or should I say happy/ecstatic to know that there are people who are willing to spend their time reading whatever you just wrote! It makes you feel that people do appreciate your blogging efforts instead of letting it go to waste, if you get what I mean. Besides that, I'll usually feel a bit more relaxed or satisfied after sharing my thoughts or feelings in my blog posts. It's hard for me to explain exactly how but what I could only say is that typing exactly how I feel or typing out my blog posts helps reducing my stress levels and it does help me to relax as when I blog, I'll have to think on what to write more as I type on. It sounds weird but I really felt like so.

Alright, I'm a bit tired now and I shall just stop right here. See you again really soon!


  1. Hey Doris your new layout looks great! I still read your blog after so many years hahaha (ok im going to be creepy somewhere else)

    1. hey Jeen Huey! Thanks for the compliment! :) Haha, nah, not creepy at all. I know this sounds kindda creepy too though but honestly I still read your blog posts and most of it were really entertaining and some were really inspiring, not even kidding! :D

    2. Thanks for the never-ending support! :D