Thursday, October 29, 2015

Updates from mid Aug to end of Oct '15

To those who took psychology for AS exams, congratulations! You are now officially done with both psychology papers! I shall be taking my next and final exam paper, which is economics paper 1 two weeks later. That means I am currently having two weeks of break before the final paper comes.

Right after I got home today, I turned on my laptop and suddenly felt motivated to prepare my blog for its fresh new look. I believe that I could get it all done really soon! I'm feeling a tinge of excitement right now, are you feeling the same too? Hehe. Oh and, I'm really excited about my upcoming trip to somewhere in December! Seriously, I can't wait to finish my exams as I'll get to meet my dearest friends to catch up with them and go enjoy some nice food. *excited face*

To my loyal blog fans.. I mean blog readers, you must have missed me a lot so I'm here today to update some stuff that happened last two months up till now as I have been busying with exam preparations previously and I'm also kind of lazy, ek hem. So the first thing that I'm going to blog about is the food adventure that I had with my college mates right after trials in publika, in the monring, well it wasn't really a food adventure though.. Our first stop was at the red bean bag. Brenda was saying that her classmates said that this place serves really nice food and I have previously read a few blogs and this place received a lot of good reviews so without any hesitation, Brenda entered the cafe and we followed along, lol, Brenda I don't mean anything here. :p




Charmaine's order, I can't remember the name of it but I think it's called the benedict or something.

Ben and I ordered this. It's called baked eggs. This dish tastes really good as it contains melted cheese, tomato puree, chicken sausage, beef strips (I guess) and of course, eggs. It comes with two pieces of bread.

Brenda's order, I call it the fancy gaibei (chicken drumstick). Again, I can't remember the name of the dish but according to other blogs it's called Fowl Luck. Fancy name.

Here's an extra photo of my dish.

After our brunch (sort of), we went for ice cream (gelato) at Cielo Dolci!

Cielo Dolci has so many interesting gelato flavors and most of it tasted really good. But I went along with my mood and ordered a coconut flavored gelato. Mmm, it's nice but I still prefer the nitrogen coconut ice cream by 320 below in one utama. 




Photo credits : Brenda. 3 different flavors of gelato which are belgium chocolate, pandan vanilla and coconut. Wei Wen and Charmaine said that the pandan vanilla is really heavenly.

On a random weekday I brought my sister to plaza damas for food. I brought her to the 'like mom' cafe that I've mentioned before in my previous post as she wanted to try out the food there.

Mooncake festival biscuits from purple cane. Honestly I bought it just for the sake of it's packaging as the goldfish looked really cute, I mean on its packet.


Went for a night's stay at Holiday Villa Subang as my aunt has a free night stay for us. Went for their breakfast buffet and it was nice except for the waffles and pancakes.


Self decorated western style breakfast hahaha.


I really like the environment in holiday villa subang as it is kind of a quiet place and the best thing is that it has really huge swimming pools. Not doing any advertisements here hehehe,

Went for lunch at the metalcube cafe, kepong during one afternoon with the cousins. Love the latte art.

Chicken chop.

Matcha pudding from ichiban boshi, publika which tasted really funny.

Went for Cielo Dolci again one night and sister had the rum flavored gelato and I had the honey lavender flavored one.

Had lunch at six inch cafe one a sunday afternoon. 

Cheese baked rice. The food was nice but honestly their service is bad.

Tried this chocolate sea salt waffle from madame waffle as it was having a buy one free one classic waffle exclusively for samsung galaxy life app users. Nothing fascinating, it's just normal waffle with chocolate drizzles and sea salt on top.

This is the one I was talking about, 320 below in one utama! They serve really nice coconut nitrogen ice creams. It tastes so good I'm not even kidding! And again, not doing any advertisements here.

Double coconut nitrogen ice creams.

Went to rubberduck plaza damas to try out their ever so famous lemon tart.

And oh, the good thing is that they provide free skyjuice (fancy way of saying water).

Tadaa! The famous lemon tart in its beautiful appearance.

Om nom nom, the lemon tart tastes good, I like its fluffy meringue. The tart tasted sweet with a tad of sourness.

Nestle has recently launched their new product which is the green tea flavored kitkat ice cream. I just had to give it a try since everyone's talking about it!

Guys, I found that it tasted really weird and the original kitkat ice cream tastes a lot better than this.

Sago dessert from onde onde in dpc.

First time trying out tokyo banana. Gifted by wei wen hehehe.

I still prefer the traditional banana cake more.

Shiratama dango with ichigo and azuki paste from ichiban boshi. Ichiban boshi is my family's favourite restaurant and this is the reason why I always have dessert photos taken from there.

And this again, the bouncy and clear mizu shingen mochi.


Brought my sister for lunch at publika and we happened to come across this place which is the library cafe.

It's a really nice place to hangout with friends to chat and stuff.

Sister's order, chicken carbonara.

My order, berry waffles.


On the other day, I happened to scroll through my instagram explore feed and found this little stall that sells really cute looking blue vanilla sea salt ice creams so I thought of giving it a try. The stall's name is cremeo.

Really nice baby blue colored ice cream. As the name suggests, it really tasted a bit salty. :p

Alright, I shall stop here now, this is quite a long post huh. See you guys again soon and do look forward to my blog's new look! :p Take care.

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