Friday, November 27, 2015

Hobahn Desa Park City, Nooks & Don's Warong

Hello all! It's been almost two weeks since my previous update on my latest blog look. Some of you might have been anticipating for my next blog update hence I'm here today to blog about my restaurant/cafe hopping adventures again. This time, I went to try out the korean restaurant with my sister on a friday afternoon in desa parkcity and I tried out the nooks cafe located at plaza damas with my college buddies today.

First stop, I'm going to talk about the korean restaurant named Hobahn which is located at desa parkcity that my sister and I went to last friday afternoon. Wanted to try out this restaurant long time ago and since I had a sudden crave for korean food, I brought my sister there right after her school ended. This sounds strange but the only korean dish that I love eating is just sundubu jjigae which means spicy soft tofu stew. I used to hate kimchi because of its smell but now, I love eating kimchi with a bowl of white rice. It tastes really good. Gosh, typing this now makes me hungry.


The interior look of this restaurant.

They also serve BBQ meat and stuff.

I ordered a pot of hot genmaicha. The tea tasted really good. :D

My lunch is served! My sis and I both ordered a sundubu jjigae lunch set each.

My bowl of sundubu jjigae which consists of tofu, lala clams, squid, egg and zucchini.

The kimchi was quite salty and their potato with fishcakes side dish was delicious! Honestly, the sundubu jjigae wasn't really up to my expectations..

On a sunday, my family and I went to Din Tai Fung in Pavilion to have an early birthday celebration for my dad. It's been so long since I've had any xiao long bao so I thought of ordering some for myself. When the xiao long bao was being served, I was amused by the orange crab shaped piece od dough that is being placed on the steam cloth. It looks so cute!

This is chicken xiao long bao.

A must order dish when we're in din tai fung. Cold drunken chicken!

Right after AS exams, Brenda, Charmaine and I went for our lunch at the library in publika. That is also my second visit to that cafe. 


My sour and savoury plate of chicken bolognese.

Trying to be hipster for a moment.

Brought my sister to try out the affogato in coffee stain one afternoon. I've gotta say that the items on the menu are pretty pricey.

Now, I'm gonna talk about Don's Warong. This is one of our favourite places to have lunch during college days. This place serves nice local food such as nasi lemak, curry laksa and etc. They even serve nice desserts too! I love their curry laksa noodles.

The good thing about this place is that it has really nice natural lighting for you to take hipster food shots.

Their brand new menu.

My favourite section of all the food items hehe.

Brenda ordered brownies (as usual) and I ordered a nasi lemak with ayam goreng berempah while Charmaine had a glass of apple juice.

Also tried our their waffle with ice cream and it was good though the waffles were a bit fluffly.

Next up, Nooks cafe at plaza damas also.

We went to nooks for our lunch on tuesday. The cafe has a really nice ambiance and decorations but the only thing that I'm not really pleased with is their service. Tbh, their food is quite pricey for college students like us.


Ben ordered a chicken sandwich?? I can't remember the exact name for it.

While Brenda, Wei Wen and I ordered chicken chop for lunch. The special thing about their chicken chop is their sauce which has a mild rosemary taste.

Now we shall enjoy our meal!

Hope you enjoyed reading this short update. See you again!

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