Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Recent events 5/11/13

I just don't understand why but I feel that I have the urge to blog recently. Maybe it's because I've abandoned my blog for a long time and I miss blogging so yeah I'm here again today! Three days of non stop blogging, haha. And yes, HI EVERYONE!

Tomorrow's my last day of holiday and by Thursday, we'll be back to school to continue with our studies. Education never stops. I don't think that my holidays will last long as I might be going back to the school to carry out my duties. As a prefect, my responsibilities would always be my priority. One would not get anything done without being responsible. Being the leader, I have always been facing with different types of challenges. At the same time, I'm trying to improve myself and I always tell myself to stay strong. Never forgetting my team of prefects too, they are important to me. :)

Last Wednesday, my schoolmates and I went for a visit to the KDU university college. It was a team building talk which was conducted by a guy lecturer. I didn't enjoy it much as most of the talks are boring. Well, you know, you can't deny that you hate talks or courses which you'll have to sit there for hours listening to the same person talking about things that you have already known about a long time ago. *face palm* But overall, the talk wasn't as unpleasant as I'd imagined it to be. We played some games. It was quite interesting though. :D

In the bus! :D



This drawing was created by the combination of different types of shapes from different groups. And someone called this as art, hahaha.

Lunch of the day! 

In the afternoon, we are back in school. I stayed back with a few prefect friends (See Qing, Chen Yeh, Celine, Jing Ying, Joel and Prasant) to clean up the prefects' room and to update our new prefectorial board. Felt really pleasant with the outcome. Great job guys! :)

Preparation in progress..

Decorating the board.

The outcome! Looking good eh? Hehehe. :D

Extra happenings to share with,

My sis got her new baby G watch! Hers is red. Mine is blue. :D

It was Halloween last friday so I've decided to try out Jane's (volturi from Twilight) makeup.
Well, the eyeshadow is black. :B

So that's all for today's update. I'll be back again soon! See you. 

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