Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of baking and stuff

Hello everyone! Feeling so damn hyper right now after drinking a cup of my own homemade latte. I guess it's because of the amount of caffeine that I've taken in. The latte that I made for myself was too strong ; I added too much of coffee powder into it. I can feel that my heart is pumping so fast. Goodness. I shall not do this again. *felt regretful* 

During the holidays, my sis and I did some baking and we even tried to make our own ice popsicles. She did most of the cooking while I did all the washing. What I enjoy about baking and creating our own food is that I get to experiment with different types of ingredients/food and it makes me happy to see the results. On the other hand, I spent most of my time on sleeping. But I think I've overslept a lot and this had caused me to feel tired all the time instead of being energized. That's not a good sign. :(

Here are the pictures :

These are the ingredients that we used to make the yogurt ice popsicles! Well, I don't have the recipe as we actually created/modified our own recipe after watching lots of youtube videos. :x 

Blended the fresh strawberries into a puree.

Placed a cup of yogurt into a big bowl.

Mixed some sweet condensed milk and a bit of milk into the bowl.

Poured some whipping cream into the mixture.

Added the strawberry puree into it.

Done with the mixing!

We poured the mixture into a measuring cup as it will be easier for us to pour it into the ice cream moulds.


Woke up early on a Sunday morning to bake red velvet cupcakes with dad.

The outcome. It wasn't really nice though. :(


Wanted to share this with you guys. It's red cabbage juice. Pretty isn't it? :) I've come across this website where they teach people on how to make your own natural food colouring using red cabbage juice. I tried to use this red cabbage juice on my cupcakes and it didn't really work well as the colour of the cupcake itself was quite dark for the juice to act on. I guess it might work better on vanilla cupcakes. :/

This is the website :)

Tried to make whipped cream cheese frosting for these cupcakes. The cream was good but it didn't last long, it melted after a few minutes. :o

Besides baking and making various kinds of food, I've also spent some time surfing the net. My advice, be careful with the things that you share online as it might lead to bad consequences. Be wise.

Before I end my post, let me share a picture with you guys,

Mum bought this cute can of m&ms today :D

Also, I've added a 'What's popular' page in my blog. This is a page where I'll post the links of some of the popular posts in my blog. :)

Goodnight everyone, see you guys soon! :)


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