Thursday, June 18, 2015

Because Sem 1 of CAL is over!

Whoopsie. I should have blogged about this earlier but I was occupied with some activities for the past few days. Went to celebrated my mum's birthday and sis' birthday and etc. Well.. I was also too occupied with my online pokemon game for the past 3 days hence I didn't take some time out to blog.

Anyway, I'm glad to announce that I'm officially done with my CAL's SEM 1!!! I've been waiting for this moment for so long gosh, do you know why? Because I'll be having two weeks of holidays hell yeah! I finished my sem 1 exams last thursday and honestly, I'm afraid to face my results when I get back to college when sem 2 starts. Because uh... I don't think I've done my best in this time's exam. But it's okay, *pats self on the shoulder* I'm sure I will be doing even much better on the next one, which is the freaking trials! Means there's more work for me later..

...My mind was blank for a moment hmm what should I be writing next?.. Okay, so as usual, I'm going to share with you guys about the past events between the month of May up till now by posting pictures that I've taken. Do bear with the not-so-good quality of these pictures. I've considered to get myself a lighter yet smaller sized camera but most good ones are expensive so yeah. The only convenient way for me is to snap pictures using my phone. :(

On the 8th of May, I skipped college to attend the academic excellence award ceremony that was held in my secondary school. It was a great morning as I had the chance to meet my beloved juniors and my old classmates. I received 2 academic awards and I am grateful about it. Thank you to those who had given me great advices, supports and love. I will continue to strive better in life! :)

Went to the dessert shop in DPC on some random day just to get some desserts with the sis and mum. My sis and I have sweet tooths. ;)

Waffle! Not to mention that my sis was the one who actually finished this whole plate of thing, whooooooop.

On a thursday, which is during my college break, my sweet college mate, Brenda and I went to publika to have our brunch there. We had out brunch at a cafe called "Mono coffee".

The ambiance there is nice, it is suitable for those who love to enjoy their tea or coffee in a quiet environment.

So, Brenda and I each ordered a set of something, which I can't remember what the name was from their brunch menu. We both opted for green tea instead of cakes.


The set comes with a soup, a main dish and a slice of cake or green tea. This is a pumpkin soup.


Our main dish consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, bread, baked beans and potatoes fried with tomatoes. To be honest, it was quite meh. But we both enjoyed the quiet surroundings very much though.

Went for a study session with Jayee and Ben at the three little birds cafe in DPC and ordered a cup of latte. It comes with a pretty latte art! :)

I guess everyone must have heard of the Madame waffle store that is located in midvalley right? Now they have another kiosk opened at the ground floor of the gardens mall! It is located next to the ever famous milkcow store.



There was a waffle deal from the samsung galaxy app which was "buy 1 azuki matcha waffle free 1 classic waffle". So, my sis and I bought one azuki matcha waffle and got another waffle for free. My sis opted for a honey waffle and I took the azuki matcha one.

In japanese, azuki means red bean and matcha means green tea. It tasted just fine, it is rich in the aroma of green tea accompanied by the sweetness of the red bean paste, a bit soggy with a bread-like texture and a bit crunchy on the outside. But still, I prefer their original flavored waffle. :p

Mcdonalds is having a minion promotion these days and now as you can see that their ice cream cone is turquoise in colour!

Yummy banana pie in a minion packet :D

My sis always crave for korean food so to satisfy her cravings, we went for korean food on a sunday afternoon in gangnam 88 again. They have more variety of korean food sets in the afternoons than at night.

Went for a buffet lunch with the family last saturday at the concorde hotel to celebrate mum's birthday! :)




I love prawns!


What do we always look at the first thing when we arrive at a buffet? The dessert corner! Nom nom nom.

After the buffet, mum, sis, cousie and I went to pavilion and had another round of desserts at hui lau shan. So yummy!

And on Monday, my mum, sis and I went to publika for dinner. It was my sis' birthday celebration. We had our dinner at the japanese restaurant named ichiban boshi. They were having a dessert promo so I order this. It's called the mizu shingen mochi. I've always wanted to try this dessert and I was delighted to know that they have this dessert there. :D

It's actually a round agar that is usually eaten with brown sugar syrup with soy bean flour. The reason why I like this dessert is because it is cooling and refreshing. Definitely suitable for hot weather days. Craving for more! Hehehe. :D

So that's all for today's updates. I'll be back and hope to see you guys again real soon!


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