Thursday, September 3, 2015

Done with AS trials!

After two weeks of being missing in action and look who's back? Hey everyone, are you guys still doing great? I sure am! Just messed up with my trial papers and I'm pretty mad about it honestly. For the first time ever I did not complete my psychology paper. Like who is able to write 6 essays in just 1 and a half hours' time?! Well, at least I tried to complete 5 of them but still it was quite trashy.. On the other hand, I'm pretty pleased with myself for being able to tackle most of the maths questions this time. It just shows that I've improved in maths hooray!

I'm looking forward to meeting my college mates tomorrow as we're going to get some desserts to celebrate the end of our trials! It's not a big deal, really, but we're happy that we are finally done with this horrifying trials. Now, we gotta focus on the upcoming AS exams which is going to be a really big business. Fingers crossed!

Let's get back to business, today, I'm going to share with you guys about the things I've done back in the month of June till the end of the month of August. It's going to be a pretty long post but I hope you'll enjoy it! I'm going to blog about the cafes and restaurants that I've been to two months ago so enjoy reading. :)

Earlier this year, I've been to another chocolate cafe which is mad about coco and I tend to walk past this shop every single time without even thinking of giving it a try. Then there's one day where my sis had a sudden crave for chocolate desserts and so she suggested "hey, why don't we just give this shop a try?". And yeah, we finally gave it a try.

If you're a chocolate lover, these chocolate fountains will definitely make you drool just by seeing them. 

I've done something to my teeth at that moment hence I'm not allowed to touch any stuff which has chocolate so I ordered pancakes instead. Hmm, the pancakes are just normal, not really up to my liking as you can see it looks like it had been overly cooked.. or maybe the pan was just too hot or something..?

My sister ordered half a waffle coated with both milk and dark chocolate. Looks appealing but once you've had too much of it, you'll eventually get bored of it. :(

Next destination, the newly opened nitrogen ice cream store in one utama, 320 below.

I'm always fascinated by the process of making of a nitrogen ice cream.

A little blur here.

Look at the pipes, the liquid nitrogen must have been extremely cold enough to freeze that thing.

This is the fun looking part where the workers start inserting the liquid nitrogen into the bowl of cream and whip everything up and voila! Your nitrogen ice cream is done.

I went there on the first day of their opening and they had a promotion which I can't exactly remember what was it about and this nitrogen ice cream of mine here is thai coconut flavored. It was seriously good and it comes with coconut flesh bits, I would rate it 8.5/10 :D

Went to the blue cow restaurant to have my lunch with the college mates at plaza damas. The burger that I'm having here is chicken burger with coleslaw (which is hidden behind the burger) and fries.

Tried out the strawberry cheesecake drink by starbucks back in june or july and to me, it was just meh. It's really sweet though :/

Had my favourite creme brulee cheesecake at secret recipe on a lovely afternoon with my sis and mum. Secret recipe's creme brulee cheesecake is definitely a bomb! You should give it a try if you love both cheesecake and creme brulee :D

Finally had the chance to try the ever famous Sangkaya signature coconut ice cream! Don't get fooled by the pictures, it's actually quite small in portion, the ice creams came in small scoops. Yes, the ice cream tasted good but it was kind of overrated, to be honest. And quite pricey.

Next destination, Like Mom cafe at plaza damas.

My college mates managed to find a cute little cafe situated in one of the shoplot blocks in plaza damas named "Like Mom". We liked the cafe as it is filled with sweet looking decorations and the ambiance there is nice too! The best part of it is that college students like us get to enjoy set meal offers for lunch, hehehe. :D



I ordered a cup of latte.

So, while we're waiting for our food, my friends and I were looking at the things on our table and so we opened the lid of this cup and saw lots of tiny brown stone-looking crystals in it. After trying it out, we realised that it's actually sugar! Hahaha, okay, you may laugh now.

Brenda's carbonara.

Wei Wen and I ordered the same thing, which is black pepper chicken chop. 



We came to this place again for the second round! This time, I ordered a coffee cube latte (if I'm not mistaken about the name).


I ordered the same thing again :)

Brenda and Wei Wen's chocolate drink came in small and cute looking flasks.

Next destination, Haaagen Dazs at one utama.

My sister's chocolate crave stroked again! This time, she wanted to try out the haagen dazs' ice cream chocolate fondue. After a long time of hesitation, we decided to give it a try! For this fondue, we were allowed to choose from two different kinds of chocolate sauce which was either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. We opted for milk chocolate.


And here it is! Looking beautiful <3 p="">



Tried this funny looking tang yuan in Ichiban Boshi, publika, where I usually have Japanese food. It's dango with edamame paste. Definitely not gonna try this again as it tasted really weird to me. :/

Next destination, Daorae korean restaurant, Kepong.

On a Saturday night, my sis was craving for Korean food so we went to try the Korean restaurant named Daorae at its kepong branch. It was a good experience for me and my family because this is our first time being exposed to such bbq stuff as we never really fancied korean food. My father didn't really liked korean food but for this time, it was an exception, he liked the ambiance of the restaurant despite that place was covered in heavy food smoke smells. But I have to say, the food there is pricey though.





We ordered two types of chicken meat for bbq, one is soy sauce based and another was a spicy one. It costs RM30 for a plate of meat and I've got to say it's really expensive!


I ordered soondubujigae which is tofu served in spicy soup with seafood.

The end result of the bbq chicken, this is the spicy flavored one.

The soy sauce based chicken meat.

My sis ordered a bowl of noodles which tasted like jelly strips. Maybe we're just not used to the taste of it.

Next destination, tester laboratory cafe at Bandar Manjalara, Kepong.

Went to try out the popular tester laboratory cafe for the first time and I'm not really impressed by it though except that their drinks are served in beaker-like jars which looks pretty cool.

My lime juice in a beaker.

Sister's carbonara. Nothing much to be mentioned here.

My plate of aglio olio pasta. This was pretty fine.

Next destination, Franco casual fine dining at Publika.

It was on the 31st of August morning where my dad planned to bring us here for breakfast. I had their breakfast set which includes their signature french toast, a sausage and few pieces of ham. The price for this is RM19.90. Again, I have to say that the french toast is overrated. 



It was worth the try but I don't think I'll go back again.

Then, we decided to go for a visit at the newly opened Mitsui outlet park located near to KLIA 2 which is at Sepang!

This place sells many branded items with prices which are a little bit lower than the normal prices that you'll find in a shopping mall. For those who are interested in buying branded stuff with lower prices, you may consider coming to this place but it's quite far though.


It has a flight-check in center.

And free shuttle buses facilities.

After going to Mitsui outlet park, we went for a walk in KLIA 2. A year ago on this day, my family and I went to visit KLIA 2 for the first time and I've even blogged about my experience here


Had a bowl of pan mee at the food court before I leave this place.

Hmm, I guess I should give my blog a fresh new look someday, maybe when I have more time and I'm able to get someone to help me with that. I really wanna make changes to this blog but sigh, I ran out of ideas.. do you have any suggestions to this? Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed this post. See you soon again! 

Lots of love.

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