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April 2015


Hello guys! Yet another month has passed. Do you miss me? Hehe. How are you guys doing? Hope that you're still doing fine as always. My college life is extremely tiring as I need to drive and driving requires lots of concentration. Not to mention how much I hate traffic jams especially on early mornings. I always end up falling asleep on my bed after having my dinner without realising it until waking up on the next day because I was too tired from college. We frequently have class tests and lots of homework. I hate tests, it makes me nervous and extremely stressed. Thank god we have completed our econs test yesterday. The next maths and psychology tests are coming soon oh noooo! Today, I'm here to update you guys about the cafes and restaurants that I've been to during the month of April. I hope you'll enjoy it. :D

Let me start off with the first new cafe that I've been to this month which is Metalcube 1008 cafe & bistro that is located in Bandar Menjalara. I've always wanted to try out the food there but I didn't have the time and so during my April break, I went there with my mum and sis tagging along! They had a promotion in the month of April so it was quite worth to try. :)



The menu. Unfortunately the menu doesn't contain any pictures hence it's all just words.

I ordered one of their lunch sets which is black pepper chicken with a choice of soup of the day. This is their soup of the day. It tasted like mashed potatoes so I assume that it's a potato soup.

My serving of black pepper chicken.

Mum ordered a glass of apple juice and look at it's decorations hehehe.

Sis ordered a affogato. Not a big fan of affogato though due to the extreme bitterness of the coffee. :(


This was a sausage wrap or roll? I can't remember the exact name of it.

Next stop, Butter and Beans cafe at Bandar Menjalara! I haven't been to any fancy or hipster cafes and this is my first time visiting a newly opened hipster cafe with my lovely friends, Slo and Tharveen. I love the ambiance of the cafe, it is quite a nice place to hangout with friends to sit down and have a chat. Okay, I suck at describing about things, please excuse me. :p



I ordered a cup of latte which costed me RM10.60 which is a tad pricey because the serving was quit small but I loved the coffee art! :D




They have unique tables and chairs that were made out of cages :D

Another stop, Johnny Rockets at Sunway Pyramid. I have always wondered how does it look like in that restaurant because it always look fancy from the outside of the restaurant. But to be honest, the dishes in the restaurant didn't really impress me though, it was just meh.





My sis and I ordered a plate of cheddar coated cheese fries. Well, I expected something better than this...

And we also ordered a cup of milkshake to try since people always mention that their milkshakes taste good. Nothing special though.

This is my set of burger and fries with a small portion of salad on the side.


This is my sister's cabonara pasta. Hmm.

Then, my sis and I went to try out the Jipangi korean ice cream. The ice cream is also just meh cuz we expected the ice cream to be creamier or milkier. :/

On a saturday night, I suddenly thought of visiting Solaris Mont Kiara with mum and sis to see what we can have there for our dinner and my sis suggested us to try out the famous Gangnam 88 korean restaurant. Well, I personally don't really fancy korean cuisines but this was an exception. I liked the ambiance of the restaurant and the food was good. :)



Mum and I ordered a kimchi jjigae and it was really spicy omg.

I ordered a spicy ramyeon for myself :)

I had a cup of buckwheat tea and I loved it a lot even though it tasted weird at first :D



Ending up my post with a picture of my poached egg toast which I had after college.

That's all for now, hope to see you guys again soon! Take care! :D

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