Monday, December 30, 2013

Chapter 16

Staring out of the window and wondering how will things turn out to be.

Soon, I will be entering into another new chapter in my life. New year, new things. The year 2013 has been a great year to me. Like most of the people said, form 4 is just another honeymoon year, it's going to be relaxing and easy. To me, it wasn't that relaxing and easy, instead, it was quite a hectic and stressful year for me. I had to cope with different types of stress and situations. But the good thing about this year is, I was able to involve in different types of activities and gained new experiences. I had learnt a lot a lot of things this year. I have learnt to be grateful with what I have in life, to be more tolerant, to be a lot more optimistic and to appreciate the good times that I have had with my friends and family.


Being the big/eldest sister in the family is quite a difficult task. Well, it doesn't seem hard but you know, we, as the eldest sibling in the family are forced to bear with all the nonsense that has happened in the family. If you're the younger/youngest son or daughter in the family, you might not realise this. What do I love most in the family? Of course, spending quality time with the family members, that's what I love. Laughing at each others' jokes, sharing each and every of our problems together and enjoying good food together as a family. Ahhh, good times.


Flashback to my high school days. #throwback. LOL. Nowadays people love to use hashtags like that huh. Hmm, I can still remember, on the first day of school, I was shocked that Javier is going to be in the same class with me. I was both stunned and shocked but feeling glad at the same time. Too bad my bestie, Qing wasn't in the same class with me but I'm glad that I always got to spend some time with her. We get to see each other almost every single day, literallly. I am glad to have Huey Syuen as my sitting partner, we had great times together. And there comes Chun Min, Ji Ji and Slocahnah. Our good helpers! Then as usual, I carried out my duties as a prefect throughout the year. The perks of being a prefect is that I get to learn how to be patient, how to deal with students and to be more responsible towards matters. I can still remember that I used to hate prefects when I was still in primary because I found that they are quite annoying at times, hahaha. And I don't understand why would I have made the decision of being a prefect in my secondary school days. At the same time, I both love and hate my school days.

Peace talk.

As for my daily life, I'm just repeating the same routine every single day. Home is a place for me to have my meals, shower, sleep, surf the net and etc. Nothing special to be mentioned about.

I think too much at times. That's one of the facts about me. I think about useless stuffs and at the end, it's just like I'm torturing myself with poison. Overthinking is useless. I have to get rid of that stupid habit. Another bad thing about being a girl is that, you'll get too obsessed with buying all sorts of clothes and ended up not wearing them because you find out that something else suits you even better. That's me, I rarely dress up as pretty as those teenage girls. I suck at fashion. I'm too lazy to dress up nicely. On ordinary days, I would just wear a tshirt or maybe sweaters with a pair of jeans and my pair of reebok shoes. That's just the way I am, looking lazy and unattractive but they're the most comfortable things that I could ever wear. :)


School is going to reopen in a few days time, let's enjoy till the 2nd of January! Hahaha. Oh and that reminds me, chinese new year is coming soon too! In about a month's time. Before I end my 2013, I would like to wish you guys,

Happy holidays, happy schooling and a 
happy new year!

Okay, I'm off for now.


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