Thursday, February 10, 2011

Strawberry Crepe From Shimino. ♥

Oh, another food post by the lousy owner again. I bet you guys love food right? So do I! :D So I love posting food posts everytime, so the some of you were like, 'Eh Doris, how come you love to post so much about food, you in love with food ke?' Of course, I love food, especially yummeh food! :D  For the some of you, sure think that I've nothing better to do, lol.

Last Saturday,

Lots of crepes, looks so tasty. :D I chose the strawberry one, it's so yummeh! And guess what, most of the crepes are crispy right? But this is not, it's soft. :O

Shimino japanese crepes, this is what i meant! :D

So long. :O Looks like ice cream. HAHA!

LOMO effect, blur, *drools*
Added RM1 for ice cream, so it's super duper yummy!   
It has strawberry, ice cream, sprinkles and cream. ♥  :D

Cross process effect, it still looks so yummeh!

Think about it makes me super hungry!
Mummy, when can i eat this damn yummy crepe again?  T_____T

Later, we went to Mark's Asam Laksa to have our dinner, lol. Mum had it's asam laksa and sista had it's kuey teow soup. It's just normal. :)

And I had Curry Laksa. :D

And went home, took some random pictures with da camera, edited with 1960's effects.  :D

Oops, sorry for the ugly mouth. :O Lurve the t-shirt and my pink zebra necklace.

Once again, i love da outfit. :D

Okay, enjoy your day, lol.

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Je t'aime.

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  1. The crepe is really looked very delicious la. I want it too!!