Saturday, February 26, 2011


Was looking back at my handphone pictures. These photos reminded of certain things. Wanna make a short and simple post today, headache! D:

Light lines, captured using my handphone and the light comes out from my dad's phone, lol. Pro right? :P

Domo's so cute in this picture, I don't know what post it is but, I took it in a sudden. :)

I drew this on my dad's aquarium when I'm 8 years old. :)

Relative's pug? So cute lah I tell you! :P

Shimino crepes! So many flavors. :D

Sista's banana ice cream, jelly in the outside and vanilla ice cream in the inside. :P

Oh yea, my siti aka Chun Ming and my Eunice babe! See I blogged you now, lol. :P Both of them damn cute lah okay? Chun Ming's the guy who made me laugh every single time, and Eunice babe's the one that's super cute! Heart the both of them lah! LMAO. :D

Felt so stressed these days, maybe because of homeworks?

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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