Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1U, Pavilion, Snow, Snowflake.

Warning : This is a very long post. Get ready for it.  :P

It's a beautiful day for blogging. Ahhh, just finished watermark all of the photos. So darn tired, but never mind anyways. I do these for all of my lovely readers, isn't it?  :D  Mmm yeah, sorry if I always delay my posts. I've to watermark photos and think about the topics. Don't really feel like blogging recently. LAZY is the only word that I can use to describe myself.  :P

'We wish you a Merry Christmas & a happy new year.'

Oops, it's not Christmas yet.  :P  But there's lots of shopping malls are decorated with lots of Christmas decorations. It's very nice, like 1U, I love it's decorations. :D


Went to 1Utama on that day, Sunday. We went to one world hotel's chinese restaurant, Zuan Yuan to have dinner, if I'm not mistaken about the name. Love that chinese restaurant, love it's food too. But dad says the food is a little salty.

The restaurant.

Food that we ordered, nom nom.  :D

Later, we went to see the Christmas decorations. It's really nice, love it.

Jingle bell, jingle bell. Personally love this shot.  :D

The Christmas look.  :D

Christmas tree.

Dad loves it's window, but I love the whole house more than it's window.  :D

Er, what's the name of this plant?  :O

Done with the 1U part, it's Pavilion's part now.  :D


Christmas in Pavilion.

Pavilion's Christmas look.  :)

Huge Christmas tree.

Is Rudolf here?  :P

Urgh, I still can't figure it out what's this plant's name lahh.  :(

Small golden tree outside Pavilion.

Outside Pavilion, there was some raindeers.

Passed by Chatime, next time I'm gonna try! :D

Christmas tree lights.  :D

Christmas deco at the main entrance.

Woosh, huge Christmas tree!  :D

After walking for half an hour, we decided to have dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I love the enviroment in there. I love their drinks too. :D We went there to have a quick dinner cause we're rushing to see the snow falls. So I didn't really capture the food's photos.

Camwhore #1.

Like their mirrors.  :)

Camwhore #2.

My 'stocking' milk tea, direct translation.

Dad's cold iced Horlicks.

Random shot of my milk tea, I love this drink lahhh. :D

After dinner, we went downstairs, to the main entrance of Pavilion. We're waiting for the snow to fall, but of course, it's not real snow.  :(

Lots of peoples waiting for the snow to fall.

Fahrenheit 88! But I didn't go there. :(

Before snow falls.

Random shot.

1,2 and 3! The snow is coming out! :D

Snow.  :O

Coming out lots of snow.  ;D


Second shot of the snowfall, love it. :D

Third shot of the snowfall.

Fourth shot.

Fifth shot.

At last we went back inside Pavilion. :) But it's still snowing. But we went to take photos. :D

Another shot of Christmas tree lights.

Night at outside, raindeers.

Which is Rudolf?  :O

Night view.

The bright moon.

Still snowing.  :)

Da big fountain, saw UNIQLO? :D

Inside Pavilion.

So many brands.

And later, we went to have some snowflake. I ordered both of the Snowflake's bestseller, hot and cold. :D I had the cold one, sista had the hot one. I love the taro balls! :D

Snowflake!  :D

We got the UFO thingy, it'll vibrate when our order's ready! :D


My cold Snowflake bestseller. Love da taro balls! ♥ 

Later, we went to this stall to buy porridge. :)

Left Pavilion later, head to KLCC to fetch my mum. We waited for my mum for an hour. So I got bored and start taking some pictures.

Petronas Twin Towers.  :D

Christmas thingy at KLCC.

Toys hanging around the thingy.

Spot me. :D

Okay, that's all for today.


Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.


  1. The photo of the twin tower that you have taken, is quite nice!

  2. very nice x'mas decoration, I LOVE the snow !
    thanks for sharing nice pics :)