Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A night's stay at Grand Dorsett KL

Musics are my best partner.  :)

Ciao peoples! I felt like blogging in a sudden, thought of blogging a 4 month delayed post. It's all about the Grand Dorsett KL 2 days 1 night trip during Deepavali, ahahahha. :)  Sorry for delaying cuz i don't have the mood to blog about it, so now, i'm gonna blog about this. Oh btw, it's the third day of school holidays now. Still, I'm wasting my time sitting infront of the laptop doing nothing, except tweeting via twitter. Oh please, Doris Chong, move your lazy ass and start doing revisions lah. Good thing is, i've done some of the homeworks, yay. :)

Yea, doing homeworks, sejarah homeworks there.

Yours truly, edited with 1960's effect. :D

My handphone and my new lovely pencil case.  :D

Let's start off with the trip thingy.  :D

The comfortable bed.  ;D


And soon, we walked to Pavilion, it's kindda jam at that time. About 2 something, hmmm? I forgot. Fine weather to walk to Pavilion with da family. Had our very simple lunch there.  :)

Outside Pavilion.

They decorated the outside of Pavilion with this kind of er, christmas tree. :P


We had our lunch here at Food Republic, food court. It's crowded on that day, kindda hard to get a place to sit down and have our lunch. :(

Oh me and sista had this pan mee for lunch.  :)

Sister's apple juice.

Okay, my cup of milo bought by my father, he waited for 15 mins just to get this drink, awww. :')

Later, we walked around again. We walked to er, Fahrenheit 88 and the some malls near there.  :)  Didn't take much pictures as the weather's hot and we need to cross the road. :x


Lots of peoples queuing outside Uniqlo. :O

Hot weather.

Uniqlo. And hey, that lady's staring at my camera, hahahaha! -.-"

Er, models? Taken inside Paivlion. Lots of photographers there.  :)

Later, walked back to the hotel.

Taken inside the hotel, the weather's hot. :x

Alright, next we went swimming at the pool. I looked so noob in this pic. Ignore ignore ignore. -.-'

Okay, the pool. :)

After swimming, we went back to the hotel, bathe and spended our time there. Watched tv and chatting inside the hotel.  :)

Petronas twin towers.

We went to Checkers cafe to have our buffet dinner, heee.  :D

The round table. :)

The environment there.

First thing that i took was sushi. :P


I love this, cold prawns. :D

Mee goreng.

Oyster. :O

Steamed fish. Er, forgot the name of the fish but it's nice! :D

Chicken satay.  :)

Chocolate fountain. ;D

Ice kacang making corner. :P

Er, i forgot the name of the dishes, sorry  :)

Soup of the day.



I like this one, chocolate on marshmallow. :D :D

Ice kacang, cake and green bean dessert.

Round, small and juicy tomatoes.  :D

This looks creepy.  D:

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. Thought of going to Pavilion but it's too dark to walk on the streets. Bathed and watched tv with da family. Later, bed time.  :)

Camwhoring while da family's sleeping. :P

Camwhore again! :)

On Sunday morning, woke up at 7. Decided to have some breakfast, so me, dad ans sista walked to the nearest food centre to get our breakfast, had egg tarts and fried noodles for breakfast, and next, went for a swim again, but this time, im not swimming.  :)

The view from the hotel. It's Pavilion. Not much cars on the road.  :)

Made myself a cup of coffee. Ahhhhh.  :)


By 12 something, we checked out and headed to Double Tree Hilton hotel to have buffet lunch with aunt and family.

I didn't really eat anything cuz i'm full. :x  Oh btw, had chicken soup, aloe vera dessert, roasted duck and something like sai mai lou.  :)

Okay, I shall end da trip post here.  :D

Good thing that i'm thinking postively right now, i've made a good choice. Emoness stay away from me and happiness, come to me yea. :D

Okay, I've blogged another boring post, but still hope that you'll enjoy it. Kaythanksbye.  :D

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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