Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Time To FRIM.

OKAY, it's actually a Halloween post, but I only update this post by now. Sorryy.  :O

It's a lovely Sunday, so we went to FRIM to have a walk. This is our first time to FRIM, so I'm excited about it. Okay, I'm the one who suggested to go there.  :)

Let the pictures do the talking! :D

*Photo deleted, not nice.*

OH yeah, happy belated halloween. LOL!

I'mma hair monster.

The FRIM's big field.

The scenery.

The big river, my sister played water there except me, cause my jeans are too long.  :O

The water's so clean, see!

At last, I can't tahan anymore, I went to the river and played water. HAHAH!

Had so much fun there.  :D

The water's so cold & clean. I like that.  ;D

Wild boar! OMG, my mum says it's heading torwards me at first, but at last it went off because my mum shouted at me, lolololol.  :D

The last picture that I took before leaving.  :)


After that, we went to KFC for dinner. Oh gosh, I've never been eating KFC since ages ago. :O

KFC chicken. *drools*
That's all for today!  :D

PS : Isn't it boring?  :O

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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