Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Worth the hype? - 純萃。喝 Chun Cui He (Just Drink) tea from Taiwan

You would have already known me really well since the day you started following my blog posts that I'm always on the hunt of all-hyped-up stuffs such as food, makeup and all sorts of stuff. This time, it's a type of tea. It isn't just an ordinary type of tea but bottled tea from Taiwan. A few months back, a lot of people in the internet were saying good things about this tea - how delicious it tasted and how fragrant and milky it is. After seeing such wonderful feedbacks and reviews on the internet, guess what hit me again? MY CURIOUSITY for this tea!

In case if you're wondering, the name of the product is called 純萃。喝, which is pronounced as Chun Cui He in terms of chinese pinyin. I have to admit the bottle itself looked really cute and aesthetic and minimalistic.  In Taiwan, flavors such as rose milk tea, earl gray milk tea, green milk tea and much more are available in stores. Another interesting thing about these beverages is that they come in various pastel-colored bottles. 😍 However, in Malaysia we are able to purchase only 3 type of flavours from their range which is a huge bummer. According to its Malaysian facebook site, these beverages are only sold at selected 7-eleven stores. I actually got mine from the nearest Aeon supermarket and to my knowledge, these beverages are also sold at the Jaya grocer in the gardens mall.

I bought two flavours which are the milk tea and latte. One thing that I noticed from these beverages is that their shelf life is quite short, it can only withstand for a good 5-7 days in the refrigerator before it expires. So you have to consume it quickly within a few days of time before it goes bad.

Here are the two flavours that I have gotten which are latte and milk tea.

It retails for RM8.90 per bottle. Quite pricey though.

Ingredients and nutrition information are stated on the bottle.


In case if you're wondering how these two beverages look like in the bottle, here's a picture of it.

Thoughts about this drink

First impressions, both the beverages were nice but there's nothing really special or interesting about it. The consistency of both beverages are slightly thicker than the milk tea or coffee that we usually buy from stores such as Starbucks or CBTL. It's similar to the consistency of a regular full cream milk or even slightly thicker than that. 

Yes, it is milky and fragrant but tastewise, it's no different from those milk teas you can get from your local cafes. Nothing really impressive about it but I would give the packaging a solid A rating because it looks good. 

That is all I'd like to share with you guys.
Have you tried  純萃。喝 and what are your thoughts about it? 😜

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