Saturday, March 4, 2017


Very unglamorous I know.

My teenage days are over, now that I'm 20 so.. am I an adult already? Hahaha. As for this year's birthday post, I would like to take some time to write a short and emotional post (not really emotional actually).

First of all, I would like to thank my family members for all the unconditional love and support since the day of my birth. My family members are literally my pillar of strength. Without them, I don't think I would be able to become who I am today.

Next goes to you guys. My besties, my friends, acquaintances and blog readers, I would like to thank each and every of you guys for being in a part of my life. There was one day before I went to bed I asked myself, how did I become the person I am today? Of course, I am the main determinant of my own life and character but I realised that the people around me are also the ones who helped me grow and helped forming my personality.

My secondary school and college days were among the few best events that has happened in my life. I have gotten to know a lot of good and lovely people during these moments. I was once an extreme introvert (although I still am, maybe just a little until today) but after getting to know these great people, I have become less shy and more courageous. These people (you know who you are) are also the ones who have not stopped giving me the encouragement, love and support that I needed to get me through all thick and thin until today. You guys have helped me a lot in becoming who I am today and also helping me to grow into a better and stronger person. Thank you!

Brendz jie jie, if you're reading this, I just wanna say thank you for always being there for me and you're the best sister I could ever ask for. I am truly blessed to have met someone as loving as you. Someone who is willing to take some time off just to put in endless efforts in making my day a great one. I'm serious yo. 😘

Now that I'm living my university days, I have also met a bunch of new crazy and fun people whom I really enjoy being with. Although we just got to know each other not long ago but still I wanna thank you guys for your love and support! All of you are one of the few most selfless people I have ever gotten to know. Cheers to a bright future together!

I would say, I am a very blessed and lucky child for having so many good people around me in life. The thing that I'm gonna say next would sound a little more negative/ less pleasant but I'm still gonna say it anyway. What about the haters? I used to have haters back then when I was younger (ok don't judge, lol) but I do believe everyone would also experience such things in one of their stages in life. Let's be honest and real, haters do also help us grow in a way, so thanks to you guys too. :)  But but, just to clarify, I do not have any hate relationships with anyone anymore as of now and I don't wish to have any too in the future. We're all adults now. Spread love, not hate. 💝

Thank you for taking your time off to read my posts! 
I will see you all soon.


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