Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free from the mid terms!

Hello everyone! Woohoo! Finally we are now free from the mid term exams! It had been so long since I last updated my blog. But, I'm glad that there are still readers reading my blog. My current popular posts are the Shanghai and hangzhou trip, KLCC to Pavilion skybridge and DIY phone case posts! I have to admit there there aren't many things to blog about especially this year as I'm always busy with tuition classes, school activities, examinations and homeworks. I need some breathing space please.

Haha, so how's everything? Are you planning to go on a vacation to somewhere or just staying at home during the June holidays? No matter you're staying at home or you're going somewhere else, do enjoy your holidays! I can't wait to hangout with my dear Qing again! I bet June is going to be quite a hectic month for all of us students. On the other hand, the trials are coming in 3 months time and the spm examination is coming in about 5 more months. Getting all nervous about it but I will try my best! :)

Before I leave, let me share some of my recently captured pictures with everyone of you here,

2014-04-18 04.27.05 2

2014-05-17 03.05.35 1

2014-05-12 06.50.35 1

2014-04-20 02.16.01 1

2014-05-12 02.26.51 1

2014-05-20 05.10.27 1
My family's collection of starbucks cards :D

My buddy the giraffe! :p


See you soon peeps!


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