Friday, April 22, 2016

Palsaik Korean BBQ, Kepong Menjalara

Yesterday was one of the worst days in my life. Accidentally wet my phone and this had affected my mood for the entire morning. Thank god that the phone is still in perfect condition after that incident. Oh, I had to blog about this while the memory in my mind is still fresh. I have never fancied any food that is barbecued or smoked based as such foods are heaty and eating a lot of it is bad for one's health. Plus, I don't really like the smell of the barbecued food.

Surprisingly, my sister who doesn't really like eating pork and barbecued food suggested to my mum and I that we should try out the newly opened Palsaik bbq restaurant at Menjalara. Honestly, I was attracted by its modern-looking restaurant concepts. It was already 9 pm and we haven't had our dinner yet so we went there quickly after buying some stuff at the nearby tesco.

I've always heard about this restaurant from my friends as they said that their bbq meat is quite good, yup, the food there really didn't disappoint me. As a person who doesn't really like eating pork belly, I ate a lot of it yesterday night as it was surprisingly better than I imagined! Same goes for my sister. :)

I really like restaurants with classy, modern looking interiors and it is surrounded by glass walls.

Barbecue and cooking equipments.

The cute thing about this restaurant is that they hang the table number plates on the lamps with the shape of a pig.


Here it is, the 8 types of different flavoured pork belly! The types of flavours available are hot, miso paste, curry, herb, garlic, pine leaves, ginseng and wine. We ordered the second set on the menu (aka 8 colour set) which is priced at RM128 that serves 2-3 persons. My sis ordered a cheese fried rice at the price of RM18.



The set comes with a seafood soup too.

They also gave each of us a tiny bowl of salad with a few pieces of cucumber as appetizers.

Large plate of vegetables! Love the greens.

In the beginning, the staff will start cooking the non-meat items first such as mushrooms, garlic and the kimchi.

Then they will proceed with cooking the meat. The types of meat being cooked here includes ginseng, wine, pine leaves and garlic.

Cutlery is provided in the built-in drawer of the tables.

After we have finished most of the meat, the staff continued to cook the remaining ones for us.


The 4 remaining flavours which includes herbs, curry, miso and hot.

Ordered a glass of honey lemon drink, RM6. Nothing special to be boasted about.

This special vegetable leaf (Perilla leaf) has an interesting and distinctive taste. It has a minty taste. :D

After we have finished 3/4 of the soup, the staff uses the same pan to fry the cheese rice. The remaining soup is scooped into a bowl and served while the some of the remaining ingredients of the soup will be used to fry the rice. Okay, to me, that is weird.


End product.

Look at the cheese, woah...


It was a great experience and totally worth the try.
I would definitely come back to this restaurant again soon.

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