Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SPM results are coming to town!

HELLO! According to the title, yes, SPM results are finally coming into our hands by tomorrow (actually in less than 12 hours time)! Gosh, I'm feeling a bit nervous now. Before this, I told myself not to worry and not to get panic just because of the results but look what have I gotten myself into now? Panicking and nervous like everyone else. Haiyo. I really hope that things are going to be extremely fine/good! God bless.

Apart from that, I'm here to update my little space since I've not updated it for quite some time. I didn't blog during the cny period as I was busy with family errands and I didn't have anything much to blog about so yeah. Anyway, since cny is going to end only in like 3 days time, I'd like to wish you guys a HAPPY CNY and do enjoy the cny days before it officially ends. :)

It's already March and my birthday is coming in only two days time! I should really treat myself to something nice this year, maybe a slice of tiramisu and a cup of coffee from starbucks would do me good. Hahaha. If you're asking me how's my life in college? I would answer you, it's pretty tiring and busy as we're loaded with assignments and to be frank, I haven't gotten any ideas about what the lecturers were talking about (except maths) as I don't have the basics required for art subjects. I am now driving to college everyday since last week and it really is tiring. Hopefully I'll be able to cope everything well as a college student. Life being in college isn't as happy as being in high school I would say.

Alright, I guess it's time for me to start my post off with some pictures! :)

After looking at the long queue craze in One Utama's uncle tetsu cheesecake store, my sis and I decided to give it a try to see whether how good it's cheesecake tasted. I would say, the taste of the cheesecake is ordinary but the texture is super soft!

Cny deco in Pavilion.

These huge sheeps are really cute! These are from GE mall :)

Had the chance to try out Rusco, a kind of dried pastry with assorted flavors. :)


This is the honey flavored rusco :D

Went to try out this michellin star dim sum shop named Tim Ho Wan at the gardens yesterday. I would say that the food was good even though the food there is quite pricey. 








That's all for today, see you again soon! :)


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