Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tis the season to be foodie!

Fa la la la la la la la la. The song plays in my mind while I was typing this. Hi guys! This time, I'm back with a food post. That's right, FOOD! I know most of the people love to view blogs which contain food posts. So today, I'm bringing you guys a short food post which contains only 32 pictures. And as for the next round, I'll be back with a trip post! Do stay tuned for the next post and enjoy this post first. :D

My mum took a few days off from her work and decided to bring my sis and I around for shopping. We've been around kl and a few places in PJ these days. Although we didn't travel to anywhere this year but still, we traveled around KL. I love being in KL. :D Well, due to the jam situations on the road these days, we had shopped in one utama for continuously 3 days! Ridiculous, I know. :/

Let's start off this post with the pictures I took on 20th December,

I think most of you guys have heard about the name, Little Fat Duck on most social network sites. Same goes to me. I thought to myself why don't I give it a little try? Hence, I went to try out their chicken bolognese spaghetti and ordered a cup of iced lemon tea at their one utama branch. 

The spaghetti costed RM5 while the iced lemon tea costed RM2. I wouldn't say it tasted very delicious though. It is just another ordinary spaghetti.

I always walk past this dessert shop named hui lau shan but didn't think of trying it out until one day I craved for mango desserts and so I went to the one located in one utama.

This is called the mango romance set. It comes with 3 different types of mini mango desserts. 

I didn't regret after trying it because I literally fell in love with it. It's really nice but it's a little pricey though. :(

Went for dinner at pasta zanmai with mum and sis!


My scallop and mushroom spaghetti. I like eating it by adding some black pepper onto it. :D 

On christmas, we went to try out the new 'The Ship' restaurant located in Petaling Jaya. It is located at the ground floor of the Petaling Jaya's best western hotel nearby Plaza 33 and Jaya One.

The interior of the ship restaurant in PJ.



Mum and sis' orders. Grilled chicken and fish & chips.

My order. Black pepper chicken. Looked a bit gross but it tasted fine. :)

We also ordered a bowl of tom yam soup which tasted good. :D

At night, we went to have our dinner at the purple cane restaurant at the gardens. 




Went to this shop that sells different types of waffles and bought one waffle to try. :)


I bought a piece of green tea waffle which costed RM6.90. For those who love soft waffles, you can try out the waffles from this shop. It is a little crunchy and sugary on the outside and soft inside. Just like a piece of bread. :p



It has been raining a lot lately.


Went for dinner yesterday at Fish & Co. at one utama. Haven't been to this restaurant for quite some time.



Mum's order. American fish and chips.

My sis and I ordered the same thing. Which is the plain fish and chips.

We also tried out their red velvet cake which was quite sweet but delicious. :D Love the top layer of soft cream cheese.

And as for today, I went to the pickle and fig cafe at TTDI with mum and sis. I redeemed my pickle and fig buy 1 free 1 coffee coupon from my newly downloaded samsung galaxy life app. :D

Their menu is written on a blackboard on the wall.

The ambiance there is nice. It is suitable for those who would love to enjoy a cup of coffee in a relaxed environment. Plus, their staffs are friendly too. :)

I ordered a cup of flat white and I loved it! It tasted really good and it's milky. 

I'll see you guys again really soon. Stay tuned! :D

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