Saturday, September 20, 2014


*coughs* HEY GUYS! Gosh, I'm having a terrible cold right now. And mild fever. It's always like this, cough, cold and fever always come in a package. You'll never be able to escape from it urgh. I hate this feeling. Today's not a really good day for me. My driving lesson was suck-ish and here I am, having a cold and fever. Plus the weather's quite cold now as it has just rained. It makes me sneeze non stop. But that's not gonna stop me from blogging! Hahaha. Just felt like blogging all of a sudden. Okay, I'm here today to blog about some of the food pictures that I'd captured from the past two weeks. I'm not using my camera lately as I'm just lazy to bring it along with me wherever I go. All the pictures were taken using my phone and hence the quality of these pictures are not really good.

Here are some of the pictures of the freshly grown tomatoes which I'd captured weeks ago.




Bought a tiramisu from a coffee stall in Isetan. The taste was good but it was too sweet for me. I'd prefer to have the tiramisu from Starbucks. :/

Ichigo kit kat which I have finally eaten after leaving it in the refrigerator for weeks.

Moo cow was having a promotion on the 15th so I decided to buy one. :D

Tried the cendol & asam laksa from a new shop named Teochew Cendol in the food court in Publika. It was good! :)

The asam laksa was also good too!

Went to Kura, one world hotel on Tuesday.

The waiter was really nice, he served us with a bowl of beautifully decorated wafer ice creams. :D

My sister's art creation. LOL.

Tried the dark chocolate with soy from the three little birds in DPC.


Such a lovely and calm environment to enjoy a cup of coffee/chocolate here.

Last Saturday, my dad, sis and I went to Subang empire mall. Had our dinner at pasta zanmai! :D

Mushroom with scallops pasta.

Spent our time at coffee bean while waiting for mum. :)


Mum bought me a red velvet cake from secret recipe on Thursday. I'm now afraid of red velvet cakes cuz I ate too many of them. >_<

Came across this picture while I was looking through my facebook albums. This is my panda from the game, Pet Society. I miss this game. :(

Well, that's all for today. I better get some rest now. My cold is getting worse.
See you guys!


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