Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hey guys! Time passes so fast. Today's already Wednesday and that indicates that holidays are going to an end very soon! As usual, I actually had plans for the holidays but ended up doing nothing productive. Literally like this,

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I enjoyed sleeping most of the time. It's like I'm spending 12 hours sleeping each day. Oh, that's not really good either. I can sense that the more I sleep, the more tired I will be on the next day and it's true! I just don't want my holidays to end that fast. And the things that are currently haunting me are the trial exams and SPM! Gosh, I feel so damn lazy right now to even read a page of any book that I can find. I have almost forgotten about my homework too! Hashtag #lastminutework.

And it's Javier's birthday today! Happy birthday my penguin!! :D 

Anyway, I'm back to blog a little bit about the food (mainly desserts) that I've eaten during the holidays. Went to try out the choco cafe at Publika Dutamas named 'mad about coco' last Sunday. My god, it is like a chcolate heaven there! Various types of desserts that are made out of chocolate can be found in it's menu. But too bad, I find the price of the desserts to be a little bit pricey. But it was worth the try though! :D

I love the ambiance of the cafe. 


The menu.

I ordered a stack of chocolate coated pancakes with strawberries! 

Yummy! :D

Salad for dinner at manmaru, midvalley. :)

Mcdonalds had recently came out with the new fan cone so my sis and I went to try it out.
The cone itself is either pink or green in colour and is flavorless.


Tried out the new snowflake black soya ice series! :D

Just a pic of me and my eye makeup look. :)

I shall stop right here! :D
See you guys soon!


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