Friday, February 1, 2013

Whatever the title is

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It's an old photo of me with bokeh lights.

HEY GUYS! So where should I start with? It's been a month since I have last blogged. But life's still the same, nothing much has changed. To be honest, I've been struggling a little with all the things that I have to cope with. Like studies, it's a whole new thing for me to adapt to. It's different from what we learnt during our lower secondary school days. These new subjects are a lot more complicated than what I expected. Anyway, I'm trying my best to stay on the track!

Just sharing a picture of a cup of tea.

School life's been a little hectic. There are loads of homework given by our teachers. And this year, we have to stay back for co-curricular activities. It's utterly tiring, really. Every morning, I go to school like a walking zombie, well at least it is not like a dead one. I couldn't feel my spirit at all. It is just me being lazy or what? Maybe not. There's just one little thing that I like about school, which is I get to see all my beloved ones. In class, I have my favorite boy to cheer me up and friends that are hilarious. I spend most of my time with my buddy, See Qing by doing what we usually do together, like always. Javier is keeping me accompanied every time. Everything seems fine that way. I don't really have an interesting life in school like most of the people do.



About me, personally, my life remains unchanged, still dull but I seem to enjoy it somehow. At least I'm a teenager which does not do anything reckless. You will never get to spot me in the shopping malls that often anymore. I prefer staying at home than spending my time going around anywhere. Time is very important to me now. Speaking of photos, I have not touched my camera for a while,I have stopped taking pictures for a month so I'm lack of pictures to post in my blog. I've been obsessing with the twilight saga series recently. I know most of the people would be shocked to see me reading such books as I'm not a huge fan of such genres. I used to read books written by Alexandra Potter or Sophie Kinsella or even Enid Blyton; her books are just simply wonderful. But I decided to read the twilight saga series for a change, the first book was really good and I'm currently reading the second book, New Moon. New moon is more complicated than Twilight was and it seems more dramatic.

My precious.

Music has become one of the essentials in my daily life. Whenever I do my homework, I'll always turn on the laptop and browse youtube for some really nice music. I've discovered a really cool type of music from youtube, it's called dubstep violin by Lindsey Stirling. The music is simply fabulous. Go and listen to it if you haven't heard it before! :D

That's all I'd like to post for today, I've nothing much left to say. Take care and see you!

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