Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day Out With Family On Saturday : KLCC.

HELLO! I'm blogging now, like finally. Line's super slow here, so i gotta blog fast. Went to KLCC again with the family yesterday. We've been to KLCC for almost 3 times in this whole month. Couldn't believe it right? Seriously. LOL, i know. Well, we went there yesterday for it's skybridge again. Who knows? The tickets to the skybridge were sold out, once again. I guess we'll just to have to wait for the next time.

Picnik collage

Since skybridge tickets were sold out, we walked around in the mall for 3 hours. Interesting much.  :)

This is KLCC.

Din din at Sushi King. Oh yeah, their service is too slow. Cause too many people inside the restaurant.

Went outside to take pictures, there's nothing interesting to take. Except this klcc building. Randomly taken.


Later, walked around in the mall. Went into lots of shop. Went into apple store, electrical shops and other computer stores. One of the shops are selling iPad 2. It caught my attention.  :P

White iPad 2.

Camwhore with the black iPad2.


 Carpark costs RM9. Went to oldtown Selayang for supper at night. :D


Oh yeah, that's all for now.  :D


Coming up next : Menara KL trip with dad and sister.

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

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