Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pancakes at Paddington

Hello everyone. Everything was kindda fine recently. Was obssesed with Tumblr's awesome photos and decided to get myself a Tumblr account. There you go, my tumblr link. Oh awesome. :D 

Went 1Utama last Sunday and had pancakes with dad and sista at Paddington House Of Pancakes. Their pancakes are awesome and yummy. The best pancakes that i've ever had. :D



I ordered this.  :D


Yummy  :D  Closer shot.




Things were okay. The friends are lovely. But the worst part is, things that i hate are appearing infront of me. Negative thinkings bothering my mind and etc. I hate this part the most. I wonder why. Is it because my imagination's too great? Over thinking i guess. :x

What's the meaning of a true friend? A true friend is a friend that never leaves you no matter what happens. While fake friends are like shadows, they'll be with you in the brightest moments and they'll leave you in the darkest moments. So now, mmhmm, i got to know who are my true friends.  :)

Oh yah, i've got myself a new pair of headphones, heeee :D

Rarely take photos these days. Didn't really touch the camera as there's no interesting things to be taken. Oh wait, i guess next week's gonna be full of photos. Might be heading to somewhere else. My photography spirit, please come back, hahahaha. :D

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

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