Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keep Moving On.


Hello. I've been throwing my blog aside for a very long time, i know. Yes, and i've to say, there's something wrong with the internet line recently, which makes me pissed off too. So yeah, it's kindda mad when you've something to blog but, no line, suddenly blogging mood stops. I hate that seriously. Have to wait till, midnight? Whatever lar, duh.


For now, i've cleared my mind and kept re-thinking of everything. Hmm, am i wasting my time too much? Maybe i am. I should let go lots of things, not holding on to them anymore. I'm tired of it already. Too much nonsense in my mind. It's time to let things go. Gah, really hope that i could deal with those things properly. I need changes. Refresh mind again. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Let it be. That's much better. Getting rid of misunderstandings. Anyway, i'll not spend time on hating people or angry anyone else anymore. Not worth at all.  :)

Been playing illusion science with sister recently. Had headache after playing this.  :(


I miss my pencil case.

Pencil case kena stealed by some random unknown people. You'll get your karma one day, stealer. Then i'll just start to use my old pencil case from next monday onwards.

What makes us change?

Yours Truly.
Doris C.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Bonjour! I'm writing a very very very long short post now just to say something.



Oh, i can see that my blog's fulled with dust. Right, i'll be right back soon to update more posts. Cause life's been busy. And the internet line's terrible these days. Trust me, it's not a good timing to write a blog post now. Running out of time, always. So yeah.


Yours Truly.
Doris C. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's all hidden inside the heart, no one knows.

Oh look, i've been abandoned my blog for 4572837593 days. Just kidding. Well well well, it's the month of June now. And i'm having two weeks of school holidays, but but but. I did not went anywhere like most of my friends did. Some of them went back to Pahang, Ipoh and etc, and some of them even went overseas for travelling. *envy and jealous*

I should be saying this seven days ago, lol.

Anyway, how did i spend my holidays huh. It's simple to say, everyday i've been doing all these. Watching tv, online, eat, sleep, taking photos. I guess that's the way i spent my time during holidays. Okay now, left two days of school holidays, which means Thursday and Friday, school starts next week, wheeee. And realized, time flies while you're enjoying.  :)

Went to Grand Dorsett, Subang again on Sunday. Cause we have a free one night stay coupon. But, we didn't stay overnight there. Just went swimming. It's awesome to swim on such hot sunny days. Later, went to a nearby shopping complex. Wanted to go Subang Parade at the first place and dad discovered a better shopping complex. That is Subang Empire mall. Very nice mall. Just went there and had dinner.
Let the pictures do the talking,

Erm, i had no idea why am i taking this instead of the room.

Took this inside the Subang Empire mall. Awesome mall.  ;D

The longest indoor slide.
RM12 for each person and RM45 for a group ride.
I didn't try.

Dinner at Din Tai Fung. We ordered the same food as usual.
Did not take pics of the food as we're busy eating. :P

Tied my hair into a bun. Taken inside the hotel room.
Oh, that's my new t-shirt. LOL.
L A M E.

Went swimming in that afternoon. Swimming in hot sunny days is nice. :DD

Last picture taken before we leave the hotel at 11 something at night.

I've got something to say,

white box
and i mean photos.

*bangs head on the wall*
That's why, don't blame me for leaving my blog so empty.


Yours Truly.
Doris C.