Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010.

OKAY, did you know what day is it today?
I bet some of you don't know, right?
Ahhh, I know one, hehe.
See, I knew that you're smiling infront of your computer already.

OKAY laaa.



Okay, snap out of it.

I want all these stuffs laaa!!
But too bad, I don't have much money.
Can't afford to buy all these things.   :'(

I hope to own myself a .

Iphone 4.

Ipod touch.

Ipod nano.


Canon EOS.

Sony Ericsson Aino.
Sony Ericsson Aino.

Sony Vaio.

Picnik gals
Fashionable clothings.

Oh.  My.  God.

I'm going to faint already, man.
OMG OMG, I want all these.
So from now, I have to save my own money already. :P

Siao Cha Bor.

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Seven More Papers?


Ideas from Shumeen, thank you!  :D

Hey buddies!
I'm kindda relax right now.
But there's seven more papers to go!
Finals are ending by next Tuesday.
I just can't wait for it!  :D

I'mma chop off my fringe by next Thursday.
Gotta have a new hair look soon! :D :D

Okay, wish me luck.
I will be back for blogging, I suppose.
I lost all my photos
And all I have to do is to take as many photos as possible, again.
So, stay tuned.

Thank you's.   :D   :)   :P

Yeah, I've changed my blog's template just now. It looks okay, does it? I knew that it's not perfect but at least, it looks okay right? Please tell me if my blog loads slowly, thanks. Well later, I'm going to create a new blog header!  :D :D

PS : I'm not going to waste my time on some of the morons.  :D
Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My September & October Playlist.

Yeap, I'm so into some english songs & korean songs these days.
But, all of the english songs or korean songs that I'm listening is not new ones.
It's old songs already ba, I guess.
But no matter what, I'm still in love with these songs.  (:

I gotta feeling.

Hey soul sister.

Beautiful girls.

Sorry sorry.
The song that I love the most.  :D

Eh eh, nothing else I can say.

There's still a lot of them.
But I'm too lazy to mention it out.
So, stop right here.
Buh - byeeeeeeee.  :DD

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey, Stop Right There!

Hello everyone.
Aihhh, too bad that I can't continue to blog for a period.
My laptop's photos & stuffs were all gone!
Msn, photos, videos are all gone!


Yes, my finals are here too.
So yeah, I'm going to stop blogging for, I don't know, it depends.
Maybe for a while, or maybe for very long.
Let's not talk about it first.
But I'll still schedule some posts first.

Okay, I'll stop blogging for a period first, seriously.

Will be back, maybe.

Thank you so much for the supports, all these while.
I love you guys.    :')

PS : Will reply messages later, later, later. And sorry for not replying. Thank you.  :)

Yours Truly.
Doris Chong.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Busy Saturday.

Hello peoples, hello world.
Yes, I'm back here to update something which is more proper right now.
So, I guess I won't be dissapointing you guys right?  *huge grin*
Hope that I won't.  :D

Well, it's a very busy Saturday for all of us. Because, we've so many activities on that day. We went to Desa Parkcity, Sin Choi Wah Restaurant & 1 Utama. Oh, let me start off my post from now.


Me, my sister, my mum & my dad woke up at 7.00 am. & next at 7.30, we went to Desa Parkcity for a morning walk with my grandparents. We had so much fun over there. The weather over there is cool too. It nearly rained. :D

The lake's view.


Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3 ; I wore my white forest T-shirt with my all time favorite
 black jeans & white sport shoes.

Take 4.

So many fishes.

A video made by me. Those catfishes are so cute.  :D

After morning walk, we went to a nearby cafe, Kluang Station to have our breakfast.
It was about 9.00 am.


Take 5 ; The sunlight's so strong.

My nasi lemak. I love this nasi lemak. :D

My coffee, it was just normal. I prefer Old Town White Coffee more.

Later, we went back home for bathing & stuffs, it was 11.00 am already. At about 12.00 pm, we went to Sin Choi Wah restaurant to have our lunch.

Pigeon : Oi, never see before cute pigeons like me ah?
*staring at me, perasan punya pigeon.*

In Sin Choi Wah restaurant, we ordered fried rice, sweet & sour chicken,
'Siu Bak Choi' & a plate of tofu.

My chinese tea, I like it's cup, it's so small and cute. LOLOLOL.

Take 6.

At night, 7.00 pm. me, my mum & sista went to Kura Japanese restaurant to have our dinner with our grandparents & aunt. Again, japanese meal for dinner. Ahhh, I'd this for almost hundreds of times already. FML.  -.-"   Guess what, again, I bumped into My darling Jo Ee there, her reactions are so cute, but at last, I didn't take photos with her, ahhh I knew that I'll have the chance, maybe next time. :D

I wore my new blue floral dress with my white cardigan that day. Mm-hmm. :)

Spot my new pair of white shoes.  :D

Take 7.

Take 8.

Plain water.

Yea, the same japanese meal again, I guess something is missing in here.
Old photo taken from my Picasa web album.

Ahhh, the missing one is my salad! Yum yum yum. ♥
Old photo taken from my Picasa web album.

Another missing one is my bowl of fruits.  :D
Old photo taken from my Picasa web album.

YAY! Had my favorite green tea ice-cream for dessert! Scrumdillyumtious. ♥

Okay, that's all for today.
Thank you, peeps.  :D

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-2010. ♥

       me in japan

I do really miss my kindergarten days so badly. 
I want to go back to my kindergarten, if could.  :'(

I miss the old friends, teacher & the friendly environment.
And the most unforgettable one will be the food they provide.
AHHHH, I miss the friend noodles & the porridge so much.
Now I've realized that being a small child is more fun than being a teenager or an adult.
Booooooo.  :'(


HEY wait a second, today's 10th of October 2010!
Which means 10-10-10.
Tee heee!
So, happy.


PS : Will be continuing updating something soon!

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

Friday, October 8, 2010

'10 Final Exam.

Hello everyone!
Yea, I've been busy since school starts.
Busy with homeworks, duties & everything.
Of course, I'm busy with my blog too! :P




I'm repeating this for the 1000th time.  -.-"
The last exam's coming soon, I guess it's about 25th of October or something? Nahhh, forget about it. I will never do revisions for that. There's no motivation at all. As usual, I hate to touch the book or to do revisions. See, what kind of lazy girl is this? Hmm?  :(

I'm so out of ideas or so called 'inspirations' nowadays. There's nothing for me to write about or to talk about. So yeah, I'll just post something short or normal out. Sorry for that, but really, I've no inspirations.  :(
So, good luck, everyone!

PS : The last exam's coming so soon! Kindda lazy. Any motivations?  :(

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yes, I Can Do It.


Yes, I believe that I can do it.
There's 1 or 2 more pages left for my Geography project.
Okay okay, Doris Chong, you can do it, take it easy.

Maybe something sweet? ; Triple scoops of green tea ice-cream! ♥
School starts tomorrow, FML. Those problems are coming back to me, eg, homeworks, duties, friendships, pressure, headaches & more. & yet, I'm still repeating this for almost hundreds of times, yeah, the final exam's coming. Who doesn't scared of the final exam anyway, except for me. HAHAH, fml. I didn't even study or do revisions for this so called 'final exam'. This exam is very serious, yea serious. It'll decide whether which class are you going to, next year. For me, definitely I hope that I'll remain in A class. So hmm, am force to do revisions ASAP. Wish me luck.  :(

So yeah, gambateh.

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Boredom. Pressure. Hates. Dissapointed.



Oh yes, boredom strikes. I've still a lot of photos haven't upload on Flickr or Picasa yet. Ahh, I can feel the pressure around me nao. I've said earlier on that I have to finish my GEO project as soon as possible, but nahhh, I haven't even touch a single page of it. Any motivations puh-leasee? Okay okay, Doris Chong, you can do it, take it easy.

I can't just sit infront of the laptop for the rest of the day, I've to get up and get my things done. I've been sitting infront of the laptop for seven hours! Yes, it's like seven hours. I can't just sit infront of here and doing nothing but uploading photos and stuffs, I have to do my GEO project, yes I must!  :(

& hey, I'm pretty un-active in my blog nowadays, right? It's just because of one word, lazy.

Tee hee, mum's buying a Sony Ericsson Aino tonight. I'm way excited with it. But it's not for me. At least I still have the chance to play or to touch right? Mm-hmm, I'm looking forward about it! :D

Ahh, bad news bad news, for me. That friend who I cared for the most had dissapointed me. Gahhh, she's just getting more & more irritating. Not going to mention about her in my blog. Get your damn shitty face away from me, seriously. But from now onwards, I'll never bother about you anymore, it's my own right choice of decision. Yes, I'm right. I'm so sick of you. FML.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

So, stop bugging me.

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.


Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Already October '10.

Time passes so fast, it's October already.  (:


IMG_0237 2

Oh well, hello. I'm back, sorry for keeping all of you waiting. Yea, I knew that I did not update something which is proper. So, uh-huh, I guess I'll just update something proper today. Words can't stop coming out from my mouth, my inspirations starts right here. Am going to express my feelings here. :D

Time passes so fast. Yes, fast. Life is getting more tough. It's just like one of the lyrics, 'day after day, time passes away' - Westlife, If I Let You Go. For me, life is quite tough because there's lots of problems which I can't solve it all. Yes, I guess I've repeated this for many many times. It's friend problems. Okay, I've had it enough. Those peoples are just getting on my nerves.

The thing that I hate the most would be, I'm not invited to any of those friend's gatherings. Yea, except for primary school friends' gatherings. Do you know you peoples hurt my heart deeply? As you know, yea, I'm not invited by you guys, but can you guys please stop showing off infront of me? That hurts me deeply! Idiots, FML.
IMG_0198 2

Yes, all of my friends' changed. In fact, they're getting worser and worser. They don't know how people feels like, all they care is just their own feelings. Duhhh, selfish brats. Even the one that I cared the most had changed too. I've tried to talk with them for many times, but they just wouldn't listen to me. So yeah, forget about it. I can still live without you.

Glad that I have a very good family. Thank you mum, sister & dad for all of the supports. But not the least, I'm glad with the ones that I trusted the most, because they gave me all the supports. So, I'll try to live happier as I can.  :)
Yea, phew. Felt better now. From now on, I'm counting everything on myself, I've learnt not to depend or to rely on anyone else. But still, I will choose to be with the ones that I trust. I better be tough, sometimes. Thank you for the supports, peoples.
Thank you so much for spending your time for reading this. 
& erm, will update something even proper if I've the inspiration.  :D

PS : Reusing some of the photos, cause I haven't take new photos yet.

Yours Truly.
❀ нคяυ.