Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Special Suprise. ♥

Hello once again my readers.
I had a special suprise yesterday.
Actually I would to update this blog post yesterday.
But yesterday,it doesnt have the internet connection. ><
So,I'll update this today. ;)

My mum brought me and my sis went to 1 Utama.
We had our lunch in Kura Japanese Restaurant.

After lunch.
We went shopping for a while.
It's a miracle.
We walked passed by Action City store.
And I saw Domo !
Hee Hee Hee.
Then we went into the shop and bought a Domo there.

Yeah ~ !
At last I got Domo adi ! =DD
Thanks mum for buying it for me. =))

I know all of you jealous abt me la...
Jealous abt it right? =P

My new Domo !! ♥

Domo !! ♥

Me and Domo ! ♥

Oh yesh !
I forgot about this.
Yesterday's also our Sports Day.
I did'nt bring my handphone to school.
So no pics about this sports day... :'(

At last...
Our Garuda's team "Kawad Kaki" did'nt win...
It's kindda sad... =(
But we enjoyed it.

But for next year.
I'll be one of the Garuda's Kawad team's Commander. =DD
Pretty scared abt it...
Don't worry.
I can do it !
Garuda Boleh,Garuda Gambateh ! =D

I've to go now.
Take care. =)

Yours truly.
❀ нคяu.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Perfect 13. ♥

Yea !
Today's my birthday !
At last.
After counting down so many days.
Today's my birthday adi. ^^

See. 4th of March. My Birthday !! =D

And yea.
I wanna thank lots of people for my birthday.
They cheered me up ! =DD
Love all of them so much !

The top four who wished me Happy Birthday.
1. Darling Chai Hwai
2. ZiXin
3. Nancy
4. Darling Queenzy

By presents.
1.Darling Chai Hwai.
2.Nancy jie.
3.Ai Lynn.

By hugs.
1.Angeline jie.

By kisses.
2.Eunice mui mui.

By msn.
1.Ya Ting.

By Facebook.
*Lot's of people...lazy to write. =P*

By Blog.
Baba Tiffany.

By wishing.
1.Andrew Teoh.
2.Xin Hui
5.Zi Qing.
*and many more...* =))

And. Sorry if your name is not on the list. Even thou it's not on the list,but I'll still remember the ones who wished me. =))

This is my most meaningful and the most perfect birthdayy ever !
You guys really did'nt make me disspointed.
Thanks to all my friends who gave me presents,hugs,wishes and kisses.
Love them all so much !
All wish them all the best in life ! =DD

But even it's my birthday.
God gave me the best present of all. =P
You know what?
I slipped and fell down from the stairs in school yesterday. =(
It's damn painful...
Even it's not bleeding... :'(
That's the most awesome gift from god. =P
*Sobs + Malu*

Aiyah..senget liao. xP Hiding behind Pinga. =D

And yea.
I guess I've gotta go now.
See u.

Yours truly.
❀ нคяu.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tomorrow's The Big Dayy !

Tomorrow's Gonna Be My Birthday ! =DD

Yours truly.
❀ нคяu.